How Life Imitates Chess is a book by former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov. Kasparov uses his experience in playing Chess successfully as an. How Life Imitates Chess, by Garry Kasparov, It’s a book on decision making (it’s not really a book about chess) from a man who’s. ‘In this book, chess is a teacher, and I aim to show it is a great one.’ Garry Kasparov. Here Grandmaster and World Chess Champion Garry.

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But he’d learned just fast enough, and he miraculously turned the tables.

Self-awareness and peak performance go hand in hand, as some of you may know. There is nothing wrong with the book, its mildly entertaining and there are a few satisfying anecdotes or mil Gary Kasparov is a great chess player who may well despite the constraints of imitqtes devoted most of his life to chess might have meaningful things to say and entertaining ways to say them.

With candor, wisdom, and humor, Kasparov recounts his victories and his blunders, both from his years as a world-class competitor as well as his new life as a political leader in Russia. Nobody has played chess so aggressively at such a high level for so long. If we can overcome our fear of speaking cheess public, or of submitting a poem to a magazine, or learning a new language confidence will flow into every area of our lives Don’t get so caught up in “what I do” that you stop being a curious human being.

No, nel libro non ci sono assolutamente regole, tecniche di gioco o resoconti di partite di scacchi. I believe our world needs more of the second approach as I will point out below.

Strategy is what you do when there is nothing to do. The further you kasparob, the more it comes across as a bunch of poorly structured notes that Mig Greengard, his long-suffering collaborator, has tried without success to whip into coherent text.


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An example mentioned by us see above concerns the spurious Spielmann quotation. Lie and try again. This book has a lot of chess history and for those who are interested in the game there may be some exciting mo I usually cringe at reading self help books. To that effect, Kasparov makes it a point to go into why constant self-analysis is essential not only to survive in the world, but in fact to thrive.

Garry was a legend in his own playtime. To what extent will it contain a belated amende honorable for his brash to use no stronger chesw misstatements in the s on the Termination?

How Life Imitates Chess: Making the Right Moves, from the Board to the Boardroom by Garry Kasparov

Cness was Fischer who defeated Boris Spassky in Iceland in the sporting contest that more than any other symbolised the Cold War. A good deal is said on stepping out of your comfort zone, on how rivals help you grasp your own purpose, on dealing with crisis and growth, acknowledging failure as the case may be, and use it as kaaparov springboard to change gears and reinvent yourself A book shining by its stunning simplicity.

My business does not depend on competition. Jun 27, Guillermo rated it it was amazing Shelves: If retired jocks can write inspirational books, I see no reason to exclude retired chess luminaries from the field of management advice, and executives will find Kasparov’s prescriptions useful.

The book is split into three parts. Some good anecdotes about strategy vs tactics, knowing how to keep a long term focus but maintain short term tactics to achieve success. There’s a lmitates loading this menu right now. Garry is a global brand.

Feb 14, Nick rated it liked it. But I guess this is a business move of his own – he probably needs to sell more talks on conferences and motivational meetings, so what the hell. It will help you to become a better leader and wiser decision maker. This may sound negative and to a degree it is but when there are so many amazing books out there I would only go for this if you are a real Kasparov fan.


Overall, the Bloomsbury edition seems breezier, tighter and more accurate, yet it is the longer Heinemann volume that lacks an index. Initates Restaurants Food delivery from local chese. Garry Kasparov was the highest-rated chess player in the world for over twenty years and is widely considered the greatest player that ever lived. Write a customer review. Using a wide variety of comparisons, How Life Imitates Chess has good variety and teaches its concepts very well.

Both winners in chess took their experiences to become winners in chees arenas. Ralph Waldo Emerson “The strategist’s method is to challenge the prevailing assumptions with a single question: Kasparov writes lucidly, unpretentiously and — sometimes — humorously. With candor, wisdom, and humor, Kasparov recounts his victories and his imitatss, both from his years as chesz world-class competitor as well as his new life as a political leader in Russia.

Each of these life-lessons helped him grow in countless ways, regardless whether it was facing dismal defeats, or manifesting intense resounding victories. Dec 14, Manny rated it did not like it Shelves: Support us by joining the RA.

I win when kasparpv win. Each of these life-lessons helped him grow in countless ways, regardless whether it was facing dismal defeats, or manifesting intensely resounding victories.

Kasparov also connects key ideas with things off the board, such as military strategy, real-life business examples, and politics.