Source: Logic & Existence from State University of New York Press, Final Chapter before Conclusion reproduced here. Logic and Existence [Jean Hyppolite, Leonard Lawlor, Amit Sen] on . *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This first English translation illuminates. Hyppolite questions the Logic, the Phenomenology, and the Encyclopaedia on the basis of a precise idea and on a precise point. Philosophy must be ontology, .

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This is why reflection re-establishes the first immediacy of being, just as this immediacy had been reflected into essence. On the other hand, it is indeed also dualistic, but this dualism is not, as in Spinoza, the parallelism of Logos and Nature which never encounter one another.

The subjective logic, or the logic of the concept, hyplolite the logic of sense, but this sense is not a subject opposed to the object. Actuality does not have its ground in a possibility that would be beyond it. Hegel says that the only determination is then for this sense to hear itself, to comprehend itself. Being is determined only by nothingness.

Logic and Existence – Jean Hyppolite – Google Books

It is the beginning of the self-relation in immediacy. In znd, being is negated-no longer in the immediate form of being, as nothingness,–but in itself. Request removal from index.

But in its immediate form, for example, in nature, it is pure becoming which is the existing mediation. Nothingness is always the nothingness of being; as other, it constantly re-establishes the other of which it is the other.


Jean Hyppolite, Logic and Existence – PhilPapers

ane However, how can we speak of loigc truth of the form? Kant, however, stated this principle of a priori synthesis in which duality could be known in unity. Its content is itself. The method, which is the universal of the Logic, does not separate the objective from the subjective. Being no longer passes indefinitely outside of itself; it passes into itself, it reflects itself. Caleb Scoville marked it as to-read Jun 08, Asphodel and the Spectral Places.

Thus Diogenes silently walks back and forth in order to oppose the dialectic that denies movement. It is infinite negation, the second negative, the negation of the negation or negativity.

Being is there; it is no longer there; it becomes, and becoming is the unstable exchange of being and of nothingness. Contradiction and identity are there immediately just as they exist in nature with lohic.

Logic & Existence

It is already on its own account truth, since this content is adequate to its form, or the reality to its concept; and it is the pure truth because the determinations of the content do not yet have the form of an absolute otherness or of absolute immediacy” Science of Logic The first philosophies of nature are a naive expression of this thought sxistence being, and Parmenides says this thought of being.

In the Science of Logic, from the start we rediscover this very experience of knowledge which is hyppoite realisation or the determination of the concept. Logic and Existence, which originally appeared incompletes the project Hyppolite began with Genesis and Existejce of Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit.


Essence, moreover, is the non-resolved contradiction, since it is simultaneously negation of being and negation of this negation, but still abstract negativity, reduced to pure dialectical conflict.

Logic and Existence (Series in Contemporary Continental Philosophy)

We can still say that being divides itself into being and nothingness and shows itself then as becoming. Muhammad Kamal – – Sophia 51 3: Actuality as Totality is truly the dialectical synthesis of possibility and actuality. Hyppolite’s work displays the originality of Hegel’s thought in a new way, and sets up the means by which to escape from it. Hyppolite’s work displays the originality of Hegel’s thought in existenxe new way, and sets up the means by which to escape from it.

It was passing away but always was finding itself again, being in imperishable becoming. References to this book Kierkegaard’s Philosophy of Becoming: Nothingness is an immediate just as being is; the transition from being to nothingness, likewise from nothingness to being, is only a passage, becoming, a foreshadowing of what will be genuine passage, mediation.

Essence is being which becomes in itself for itself. The issue is not to stray and to think the thing itself from something else than that which thinks the thing.

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