the Gnoblar Kingdoms army, gloriously painted by. Mitch and Mark themselves. • Gnoblar Kingdoms Army List. This list takes the troops, war machines, and. Click here to watch on YouTube gnoblars = gnoblars + “the gnoblar player” xD. This list was “legal” because was published in White. I realize that I cant run the original gnoblar army list and that all my characters would be ogres but I was wondering how I should do this.

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Avian – Gnoblar Units and Characters

Alternatively, you may spend 51 pts to start the battle with 17 basic Boglars gnbolar turn 1. Gnoblar Honcho For 24 pts you can add a guy gnoblarr three Strength 5 Attacks to your Manbiter or Lucky Git units to give them that extra punch in close combat.

Contender for most useless option anywhere. If deployed as Scouts then Trappers will have the double misfortune of being uncomfortably close to the enemy and rather far away from the comforting presence of the army General. You could prolly drop one of the trapper units. Gnoblar Trappers If deployed as Scouts then Trappers will have the double misfortune of being uncomfortably close to the enemy and rather far away from the bnoblar presence of the army General. I’m thinking 2 scraplaunchers and no Giants as giant anything doesn’t really work.

Trappers are mainly used for the same purpose as Fighters, but thanks to their increased mobility and the possibility to start contesting enemy table quarters from the word go, are sufficiently different to warrant a place in the army list. Especially the magic items and the idea of numerous little bnoblar fly’n around the board led by Honchos Gnoblar Lord on Rhinox!

They also cause absolutely no Panic tests for being broken, making them the ideal throwaway Unit. Sign in Already have an account? Gnobbos get the option of having a heap of very cheap characters, and I recommend you do just that.


Gnoblar Units and Characters

lsit Best of luck to you. No group name is given for those gnobbos that attend their Ogre masters in battle, admy I have chosen to term them “attendants”.

If you want units that can deliver a punch, then these guys are it though you still want a couple of Honchos with flails in the unit. The bruiser will be some crazy guy with a nice hat very important standing on a banner supported by a grip of gnoblars: They make cool goblins.

Avian – Ogre Kingdoms Tactics page

amy Gnoblar attendants No group name is given for those gnobbos that attend their Ogre masters in battle, thus I have chosen to term them “attendants”.

It is made up of Gnoblar who have declared independence from their Ogre masters. Use the points to get the crown on your slaughtermaster.

Against those other armies, though, a Lookout-gnobbo can be quite useful. Head Honchos love hats and often try to tame and gnoblra Rhinoxen, a horse-sized creature that resemble a mix between a Rhino and a Wooly Mammoth.

They even have a somewhat better ranged attack. Take as many units of these as you can though no more than 10 per unitdeploy them 5 or 6 wide and plod them towards the enemy or hide them in a corner to hold a table quarter using the slings when you don’t want to march.

Ogre Kingdoms Tactics page

You can run the characters solo if you kit them out right. Register a new account. I know a guy who took 80! This often happens if it’s allowed to be more than 12″ away from the General when charges are declared, in which case the Bad-tempered rule will kick in far too often and it ends up charging something much too tough for it to handle. Meanwhile, Gnoblars see Ogres as a mix of living gods and eternal masters.

But pigs are rare for Armu, so skilled Pig cavalry instead ride another Gnoblar piggyback style. Sometimes as food if there’s nothing better around, although some Gnoblars wind up in the position of “favorite hunting dog” as long as the Ogre can remember them.


If failed, Rhinox Charges an enemy of the controlling player’s choice rather than just gnoblzr nearest. I usually have about models even at points, and that includes a scraplauncher. However, if you get regen off on a unit of gnoblar’s This last trait is even more extreme than Goblins, as Gnoblar don’t panic or feel fear when other Gnoblar suffer; a Gnoblar right next to them being eaten by a dragon is far more amusing than frightening, and a horde of Gnoblar fleeing past from an unknown assailant is cause for mockery instead of concern.

As with Manbiters, the option for Standards and Musicians are armj good and should be taken. In Ogre armies I struggle to find the points for gniblar than one, while I can heartily recommend two if you have the points in a gnoblar army this is generally not a problem.

Lookout-Gnoblars First of all it needs to be said that not all armies you will face have access to template weapons and thus a lot of the time an item that grants a protection from such weapons is pointless.

A Head Honcho is not a fighter, he is there to ensure that not too much of the army runs away. It’s probably needless to say, but you want quite a few units of these gits in a gnobbo army, a good rule of thumb being at least as many units of Fighters as you have Manbiters and Lucky Gits combined.

As so many of the uses for a gnoblar involves it dying in some nasty manner, this is vital. Take as many as lixt and keep them cheap.