Introduction This book is intended for intermediate and advanced learners of English who are preparing for examinations in English, such as English proficiency. TURKISH- ENGLISH TRANSLATION CEVAP ANAHTARI. .. her bir konuyu çalıştıktan sonra konuları CESUR ÖZTÜRK ‘BUILDING SKILLS’ adlı kitaptan ya. UNIT ONE CEVAP ANAHTARI İNGİLİZCE SIX (İNGİLİZCE 6) 1. Builders use plastic in the construction of some small boats, because it is easy to shape. 2.

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I saw an old man who was very old. I can t answer your calls tomorrow morning.

She had put it anajtar, one cent and then another and then another, in her careful buying More information. The more idioms you know how to use correctly, the more natural your xevap will sound What are idioms? We will be having dinner at a restaurant. If I were an engineer, I would earn a lot of money. Please write a few sentences for each writing question. The President gives More information.


If you had forgotten your raincoat, you would have got wet. They are the United States. I will be having an important meeting. Do you work on Saturdays?

Building Skills For Proficiency Cevap Anahtar Pdf

I could buy the car if I had enough money. The chef anahtra works in Paris won the competition. She is a professional tennis player. The baby has been sleeping since five o clock. She lived in a palace. The camp will be in the foest by the sea. Idioms buipding a very important part of any language, so learning More information.

English test ] Duration: The landlord just rented the apartment when I got there. He must read all the adverts to find a job. Mike, Can you clean the blackboard? I walked in the fresh air. It has been raining all day.

I lost my job because I always went to work late. What did she see when she anahtwr into the lake? The test multiple choice based and is there for diagnostic purposes to assess your present. If he had gone there earlier, he wouldn t have missed the train.



A witch changed the prince into a frog. You would have passed the class, if you had studied. We usually use a comma if we put. Write your name, Centre More information. We had their dog.

You can t buy a dictionary. He will buy a sleeping bag, a pair of waterproof shoes and a big sports bag.

There may or may not be a door between the two connecting rooms. I will be studying lesson. Take a look at this chart of English verb tenses to help you understand when to use each one: Are these shoes More information. Bernard is a lazy person. There s a cupboard on the pencils, yes there is.