CHANGING GENDER ROLES AS A SOLUTION? A Reading of Mahesh Dattani’s Final Solutions Dr. Sumita Roy Osmania University Hyderabad. The very fact. Contents. Preface. 7. Introduction to English Drama in English. 9. Mahesh Dattani : Life and Works. A Critical Analysis of Final Solutions. Act I. Act I. Final Solutions has 69 ratings and 0 reviews: Paperback.

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It is this mentality which is voiced by the Muslim Chorus: Here Dattani suggests the obvious solution but leaves it to posterity to actualize because the time is not yet mxhesh for it.

Final Solutions: A Stage Play by Mahesh Dattani

Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech. He reached the chariot and tried to stab Pujari but the latter begged for mercy and thus he became still. Skip to main content. However, Ramanik datrani to do so. She got a chance to visit a Muslim girl Zarine, who also had a great taste for the songs of Noor Jahan and Shamshad Begum.

Mahesh Dattani

As she herself admits: I am touching God! The mob starts throwing stones and sticks on the house and also abuses Ramanik. Javed condemns her for betraying her friend as she promised Tasneem daftani she will not expose the reality of Javed. The sense of desperation brewing among the Gujarati Muslims is likely to be contagious.

  JP 2-01.3 PDF

The Complete Poems and Plays. It is these forces which vehemently assert themselves through the chorus as they collectively Vol.

Golwalkar would go on to assert: Sunil kumar verma rated it really liked it Jul 19, Kamayani Chauhan rated it it was amazing Apr 29, His plays finak been directed by eminent directors like Mahesh Dattani is an Indian director, actor, playwright and writer.

Smita acknowledges her mistake and being speechless runs away.

The two men who not only burnt the shop of the Muslim family whom Daksha had soluutions but also believed that all Muslims should leave for Pakistan are far removed in temperament from Ramnik.

This is our land! Aruna gets outraged and Javed apologises. Buddhism or Jainism are Hindu because they originate in India, out of debates and critiques that are internal to Hinduism. Manuj rated it liked it Nov 24, How will his family members respond to either Javed or that acquaintance of his who committed the murder?

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Through his young characters Dattani perhaps seeks to foreground the possibility of a new India, not directly scarred by the trauma of Partition and its aftermaths, which is willing to move beyond solurions barriers in search of better times.

When she compels him to confess, he says: Temsurenla rated it liked it May 25, One can easily see how a play like this can serve as oil on such troubled waters if it is read, viewed and appreciated in the right spirit. This is precisely the context that Dattani seeks to explore in the play where fnial Muslim boys, chased by a fanatic mob that keeps baying for their blood, seek shelter sooutions the house of Ramnik Gandhi. I 11 March Therefore, it is left to another male, Bobby, to show that hatred for the other community, especially pertaining to its religion, rituals, culture and so on stems from ignorance, bigotry and fanaticism.


Abhinav Jha rated it it was ok May 10, Dattani, as ever, does not provide us with final solutions and faithfully holds a mirror up to the complexities that confront us.

Final Solutions: A Stage Play

They hunt us down! FS Her fears are concretized by the destruction of the Krishna idol which not only represents the antagonism between warring religious communities but also symbolizes the absence of love which is reinforced by the rupturing of the solktions of love songs. Pretty Little Bibliophile rated it liked it Nov 04,