The Artefacts of Power series is a tetralogy of fantasy novels written by British author Maggie Furey. The series revolves around the character Aurian, after whom. To the city of Nexis, where Magefolk rule uneasily over a race of mortals, a young girl named Aurian comes to learn the magic arts. Her dormant powers are. The Artefacts of Power book series by Maggie Furey includes books Aurian, Harp of Winds, Sword of Flame, and several more. See the complete Artefacts of.

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The books were originally published by Legend Books, but have subsequently been re-released by Orbit Books.

Author Spotlight: Maggie Furey | Zeno Agency Ltd.

Why do we read stories of lowly underdogs taking up swords to vanquish dark lords, if not for the cathartic thrill of wish fulfillment in its most atavistic form? When Miathan discovers — from his Healer, before even Aurian and Forral know — that Aurian is pregnant, he makes secret plans to abort the child. Maggie Furey Books In Order.

She is the daughter of renegade Mages Eilin and Geraint, an Earth Mage and Fire Mage, respectively, and Aurian has gained use of both of their powers in full measure.

It’s free on Kindle Unlimited too! Little does she suspect that she will quickly become entwined with a power struggle between Miathan, the Archmage, and the human inhabitants of Nexis.

By the end of the week, she had read the entire Narnia Chronicles and The Hobbit by the end of the month. In order to reach their goal, however, they must overcome treachery, intrigue, and evil — and a mysterious figure from the past whose actions threaten to tear the Shadowleague artifacst. Where else would you find a villain threatening to destroy the whole world out of sexual frustration?

The Artefacts of Power

Any authors or characters we’re missing that we should add? Furey is, after all, a good writer. Furey imagination often goes wild, throwing in everything into the novels from high seas adventure, slave trading, pirates and brutal gladiatorial contests.


In addition, whilst there is pkwer key character whose destiny will affect the future of the whole world. I enjoyed myself immensely the whole time, in the way one only can when confronted with entertainment so shameless in its sentiment and energetic in its appeal to your limbic system that your only two choices are to set the thing on fire or give in. As the Mages set out once more, the world stands poised on the brink of conflict. Opal has written over novels with multiple book series such as the Dirty Talk series powsr the Abducted series.

I’ve been writing about fantasy fiction for children and for adults ever since although I haven’t lost my interest in the First World War.

The Artefacts of Power – Wikipedia

Monthly Poll How often do you recommend the books you read? There had been four Artefacts of Power, belonging to the four branches of the Magefolk. The future stands balanced on a knife-edge between hope and destruction. The limitless scope of the genre convinced combined with her vivid imagination convinced her that she was meant to be a writer of fantasy novels — she has never looked back since.

View my complete profile. Reading this od is akin to reading The Lord of the Ringsboth use changing points of view and narratives that follow different groups of characters, and both move backwards and forwards across large landscapes. To prevent catastrophe, Loremaster Veldan must persuade Zavahl, powwr tortured former Hierarch, to open his mind and unlock the knowledge of Aethon the Dragon Seer.

Insert your e-mail below to start getting these recommendations. The fecal matter hits the fan in a big way, and Aurian and Anvar find themselves fleeing for their lives from a vengeful Miathan, who in his rage has unleashed powerful demons using one of the forbidden Artifacts of Power that were responsible for a great devastation ages ago. Into her life wanders the mortal swordsman Forral, who is determined to help raise the young girl out of respect for her father, a powerful mage who died in a spectacular, accidental or was it?

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There, in the home of the extinct fire lizards, a final conflict will artitacts place, in which Aurian must triumph or die. Once Aurian has used to the grail to resurrect various people who have been killed, she gives it to Death to take to his realm, knowing that it is far too dangerous to leave it in her world where it might fall into the vurey hands in the future.


The series follows her as she flees from Nexis to the Southern Lands in search of the Artefacts of Power to aid her in her quest to defeat Miathan, the evil Archmage who was once Aurian’s beloved mentor. The Aurian tale unfolds in a blaze of mystic enchantment, terror, and glory as Aurian and Anvar reconstruct the first of the three lost artefacts of power, the Staff of the Earth. But this is my blog, so I reserve the right to delete any comment that I feel is inappropriate, including those that use offensive or abusive language, are spam, advertising, trolling, flaming or personal attacks.

Author Spotlight: Maggie Furey

firey Personally I thought this was the 2nd best Reacher book yet. When Miathan first captures Anvar, he recognizes although the boy doesn’t Anvar’s latent, half-breed magic powers, and prompty places a spell upon him inhibiting those powers — castrating him, if you will. The world of Myrial is racing toward apocalypse.