Hey guys, here’s my latest project, a Ligeti Stratos. This model is based on the real Stratos designed by Charles Ligeti. It’s an ultralight kit. After taxiing trials and several low level hops 5 to 10 feet above the ground, the pilot commenced the takeoff for the aircraft’s first test flight. This aircraft was intended to be the production version of the “Stratos” aircraft. The prototype version had successfully flown some hours.

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Wish I was going to be at the field tomorrow, but I had Monday off and I’m working tomorrow. All servos are installed before the wings are attached to the plane.

This model is based on the real Stratos designed by Charles Ligeti. The project is currently in the early stages.

Ligeti, a self-taught aeronautical engineer with a background in mechanical and chemical engineering, began design studies for a high-performance ultra-light aircraft of radical new design in Czechoslovakia in Ron Ligeti writes the following about it: To date 28 Feb. The project was moved to a hangar at Essendon Airport, Victoria, and Charles hired several people to help produce the aircraft.

By that time orders had been placed for the small Stratos that could be transported fully assembled on a trailer behind a car, and kept in an average family garage, eliminating assembly and dismantling.


Good Morning, What size Pop and motor do you plan ,igeti using? Are the back ones like a elevator and the front ones for turning?

Ligeti Stratos

Yes, you are right. Ligeti Stratos No no This page is intended to list the current status of each of the five objectives of the project. Examination of the engine revealed that there was some binding in the Bowden cable to the enrichment valve resulting in a strong possibility that the valve was off its seat. Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing May 12,2: Report an accident or incident: Because the main wing is still producing lift at this stage the nose down pitch following the stall of the canard would be aggravated.

Flybyknight22Jun 1, Listen to this PDF. He recalled a lack of elevator response seconds before ground impact. They found some suspicious spots on my liver a few months back and I’m going for another MRI scan next week to see about the progression.

And since the 45″‘s wing is dovetailed, it will be even more secure. Hopefully under 10 ounces.

Investigation: – Ligeti Stratos, Mangalore VIC, 10 July

Disaster struck in September Sgratos, given that the prototype appeared to suffer no adverse flying characteristics, it is possible that the modifications incorporated in the new aircraft had an adverse effect on the stall characteristics. Engine RPM appeared normal.

They install in the usual fashion just like the smaller Ligeti. Logged in as Sign out Followed Pages. Report an accident or incident: The pilot later advised that as the engine failed, the aircraft’s pitch stability decreased to almost neutral. Ligeti 45 specs as flown.


Investigation: – Ligeti Stratos, 1 km SE Penfield VIC, 22 September

Listen to this PDF. The nose dropped despite the pilot’s counteracting elevator input.

He is building this after his full-time job. Just like it’s little brother only smoother. Construction is straight forward but I wanted to show the main wing center. The pilot manipulated the throttle, but power was not regained.

Hi All, Paul Blymyer has released the 45 inch version of the original Ligeti he designed. Motor XT with an 8×6 E-prop battery Hyperion 3 cell. Ligeti Stratos type sloper- possible?

On the 45 the wing is so big it needs to be cut in two pieces. You could slow it down all the way with full back pressure and the nose would just mush along. Also keep everything flat so as not to introduce any warps. He maintained 10 to 15 feet above the runway and waited for the airspeed to build up before attempting to climb. Hi Jim, Now I am in for sure on this build too!!

This configuration is called a joined wing and a boxwing.