A crawler crane is mounted on an undercarriage with a pair of caterpillar tracks that provide stability and mobility. Their configuration – such as boom length. Crane chart and more information about the Liebherr LR Bigge may have Liebherr LR in its fleet for sale or rent. Contact us by phone, email or. As part of the energy reforms in Mexico, the “Miguel Hidalgo” oil refinery in Tula is being modernised. Mexican crane contractor ESEASA.

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Their features include economy and performance. Really nice to drive! Search here for the right contact partner.

LR crawler cranes with lattice booms are in use all over the world. Therefore, the steel cylinder is first swivelled on the ship’s deck.

After the four jack-up legs of Aeolus are installed, industrial divers affix the spud cans, also known as elephant feet. LR – Tallest crawler crane in the world Call up video.

Once the crane system is in place, the powerful jack-up legs have to be installed into the large-sized hydraulic system of the installation vessel. Popular Hilarious Crane accident Credits: Mobile cranes Crawler cranes.


Liebherr’s LR lifts 5 Credits: This product is not available in the selected range. Add Image Add Image Create a post with a primary image. Crane operator Jouke Bruin on working with the LR Installing the jack-up leg.

: Liebherr LR Crane Specifications/Load Charts

As a gigantic jack-up platform, the specialist vessel works independently of any sea state. Along with the floating crane, the Matador 3, the LR lifts the mighty jack-up leg from the load barge. About Privacy Disclaimer Newsletters Newsletters.

Our customers can rely on a worldwide sales and service network. As the jack-up leg is directly over the opening, the complex insertion process begins: You can only manage a maximum of 7 different compare lists at the same time. The technically most demanding lift takes place at the beginning of the job.

LR crawler crane in action with PowerBoom – Liebherr

Find out more about Cookies. LR lifting jack-up-legs on wind turbine installation vessel Call up video. By knowing exactly where the CoG is and adapting the rigging to position the lifting hook above the combined CoG Center of Gravitythis was possible without jeopardizing Safety. This is made possible by a slewing ring which Liebherr develops and manufactures in-house and features an extreme load capacity.

LR crawler cranes product overview. Find out more about Cookies.

The innovative technology also delivers excellent value for money. The floating crane Matador 3 moves the jack-up leg closer to the crawler crane for its erection. Select Newsletter s 13000 in.


Heavy Lift News

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To lift the mighty 13000 legs, the LR is equipped for the first time with the PowerBoom parallel boom system. Copyright of all pictures below belong to Direktlink This product is not available in the selected range.

Each of the so-called jack-up legs measures 87 metres, and weighs in at tonnes. Select at least one other product to start the comparison. With the aid of man-tall winches on deck, the Aeolus is slowly hauled. Start comparison Your compare list is empty. These ensure that the Aeolus subsequently stands firmly on the seabed. Remove products from the list or reset the list. News Search Create Join Sign in.