The objective of the Lower Extremity Functional Scale (LEFS) is to measure ” patients’ initial function, ongoing progress, and outcome” for a wide range of. Free online Lower Extremity Function Scale (LEFS) calculator. Home / Free Visual score (%): Lower Extremity Function Score: 80 / 80, Percentage: %. Purpose. The test can be used to evaluate the impairment of a patient with lower extremity musculoskeletal condition or disorders. Can be used.

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Participants who were scheduled for lower extremity surgery were also excluded.

Lower Extremity Functional Scale (LEFS)

Abstract ackground and purpose The lower extremity functional scale LEFS is a well-known and validated instrument for measurement of lower extremity function.

The LEFS was readministered to patients 24 to 48 hours following the initial administration in order to examine test-retest reliability. Normative values for the LEFS for the population as a whole were calculated.

Participants who were unfit for work had worse scores. Lesf light activities around your home. You must accept the terms and conditions. Your usual hobbies, recreational or sporting activities. The lower extremity functional scale LEFS is a well-known and validated patient-rated outcome measure PROM that can lets used to measure lower extremity function. Received Dec 21; Accepted Feb Abstract Background and Purpose. The lower extremity functional scale LEFS is a well-known and validated instrument for measurement of lower extremity function.


The total possible score of 80 indicates a high functional level Appendix. In addition, local institutional review board approval was obtained by clinicians and clinics participating in the study, where necessary.

Int J Sports Phys Ther ; 10 5: Each subscale score can vary from 0 towith higher scores representing more desirable health states. Using the results of the present study will help researchers to interpret their data and physicians to set goals for treatment results. Original Editor – Emily Hanson. When necessary, we requested that more males than females or vice versa should fill out the questionnaire, and we did the same leffs the 3 age categories used. As expected, the LEFS score showed a negative correlation with age; i.

A description of the patients is presented in Table 1.

Selection of self-report measures suitable for documenting outcomes in clinical practice and in clinical trials and choosing a condition-specific or generic health status measure should be dependent, in part, on the goals of measurement. This approach was based on clinical judgment and previous work by Westaway et al, 45 whose data suggested that experienced clinicians can make prognoses about patients.

Free online Lower Extremity Function Scale (LEFS) calculator – orthotoolkit

Long-term results lecs debridement and primary repair of peroneal tendon tears. We used the alpha coefficient to estimate internal consistency, a measure of homogeneity of items.

  ASTM E1557-09 PDF

Earlier research has shown that a healthy population does not necessarily score a maximum amount of points on a PROM Schneider and Jurenitsch In addition, since the LEFS was designed for use in individuals with lower extremity conditions, the fact that a ceiling effect was found for healthy individuals is notable, but it should not limit the validity of the test in the population that it was designed for.

Normative data for PROMs can aid in this problem by acting as reference data for a healthy population. Application to Individual Patients. The ratings were performed allowing discussion of the patient profile, and a single agreed-on score scalw determined. HAND ; 9 1: The study consisted of a scqle questionnaire in which the postal code, age as a continuous variable and subdivided into 3 categories 18—39, 40—64, and over 64 yearssex, and work status student, working, retired, unemployed, unfit for work, or other of the subjects were recorded.

Measurement properties of the RM In the case of a floor effect, there is a restricted range for deterioration in functional status. The area under the ROC curve associated with this value is.