LAVATEX is a high performance ready to use, cold applied, high build liquid waterproofing membrane based on polymer modified bitumen emulsion. LAVATEX. View detailed Import data, price, monthly trends, major importing countries, major ports of lavatex bituminous. Faisal Sulaiman Constructions Chemicals Company (FSCC) has been applied Lavatex in different project in the Kabul city and see the how it is looking.

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First Aid In case of skin contact, flush with plenty of water. Spillage Mitigation see also Apply two coats approx. Health and Safety Use normal safety precautions.

Falcon chemicals offer eco-friendly waterproofing liquid membranes. Bitumen emulsion SS 1H – tack coat Bitutex R- bitumen emulsion Bitutex R rubberised emulsion Ecoflex- bitumen emulsion Flexkote – general purpose waterproof coating Lavatex rubber modified liquid waterproof membrane Lavatex bitumen emulsion Lavatex RBE- rubberised bitumen emulsion Lavaseal- bitumen mastic Superseal bitumen- bitumen emulsion Elastofalt-ME- UV stable,latex modified,liquid water proofing membrane Bitusol- solvent primer Ecoshield- acrylic water proof coating Ultraflex 2k- cementitious waterproof coating.

Read this MSDS before handling and disposing of this product and pass this information on to employees, customers, and users of this product. Container must be tightly closed.


These products have been successfully performing under the harsh Middle East climatic conditions for more than two decades.

This MSDS was prepared and is to be used only for this product. Protection of buildings against Ground water. Paste based latex modified bitumen emulsion.

Falcon Chemicals LLC

Collect all spillage in a container and wash surface with water. No Blistering or re-emulsification. Shelf life of the product is 12 months from the date of manufacturing provided it is stored in unopened factory packed drums Cleaning Tools may be cleaned with water as long as the product is wet. Cause irritation Seek immediate medical attention Appearance and Colour Black thixotropic emulsion 7.

Hazardous Ingredients Nil 6.

Search Import Export Data of India

Surface Preparation All surfaces should be sound, clean and free of contaminants. The drying time depends on lavwtex type of substrate, temperature,humidity and thickness of layer, etc. No Blistering or re-emulsification Protection of buildings against Ground water: LAVATEX also acts as a non-degradable curing membrane; hence it may be applied immediately after the removal of mould, to the concrete structure, which has no aesthetic value such as the sub structure of the building.

On prolonged contact cause irritation. Bitumen based liquid products are available for water proofing of the sub-structure, wet areas Kitchen, toilets and balconies lavateex roofs.


Spillage can be collected in a container and wash surface with soap and water. D isclaimer of Liability. When two or more coats are required, ensure that the preceding coat is fully dry before applying the successive coat, which should be applied at right angle to proceeding coat. LAVATEX is a high performance ready to use, cold applied, high build liquid waterproofing membrane based on polymer modified bitumen emulsion.

Lavatex 2000 Water Proofing Chemicals

As above keep away from children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Material Safety Data Sheet Important: Apply two coats 0.

Properties of dry film: Once dry, by mechanical means only. In case of eye contact, or accidental swallowing, flush with plenty of water and seek medical advice immediately.

Usage Waterproofing paste membrane 8.

Foundation and retaining wall waterproofing –

In case of accidental contact with eyes, lavated with plenty of water and seek medical treatment immediately. In kitchens, toilets and other wet areas all the openings should be properly sealed. Latex Modified Bituminous paste membrane. May cause dizziness on prolonged inhalation.