Mircea Eliade was a Romanian historian of religion, fiction writer, philosopher, and professor at Youth”), and the short stories Secretul doctorului Honigberger (“The Secret of Dr. Honigberger”) and La Țigănci (“With the Gypsy Girls”). La tiganci [Mircea Eliade] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. O data cu primul sau volum de nuvele, publicat la Madrid in si reluat dupa. La tiganci [Mircea Eliade] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Aceasta carte face parte din colectia Biblioteca scolara a editurii Cartex

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As the noise died out he discovered an old woman, quite close to him. Siv Gaby rated it it was amazing Oct 28, Excerpt 7 Gavrilescu returns to the gypsy house after realizing that years had elapsed in Bucharest during his few hours in the gypsy house.

He looked once more up the tram rails, then set out with long mirces steps, keeping close to the walls. According to Eliade, these peoples felt a need to return to the Beginning at regular eliads, turning time into a circle.

For other persons of the same name, see Eliade surname. From Eliade’s perspective, Christianity’s “trans-historical message” may be the most important help that modern man could have in confronting the terror of history. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Gavrilescu carefully avoided them, not knowing their shape and being afraid to upset them. On the level of pre-systematic thought, the mystery of totality embodies man’s endeavor to reach a perspective in which the contraries are abolished, the Spirit of Evil reveals itself as a stimulant of Good, and Demons appear as the night aspect of the Gods.

Ellwood argues that the later Eliade’s nostalgia for ancient traditions did not make him a political reactionary, even a quiet one. The voices seemed to come from afar. Whether in Lz Rome or modern Europe, democracy all too easily gave way to totalitarianismtechnology was as readily used for battle as tigancci comfort, and immense wealth lay alongside abysmal poverty. His arm was groping again as he was going along the screen.


Daniela Elena rated it it was ok Aug 01, He was sitting, as now, on a seat in the sun, but in those days he was hungry, without a penny in his pocket.

Lectura Audio: Mircea Eliade – La Tiganci

To give his own life value, traditional man performs myths and rituals. A few minutes later he was against the wall, and though he tried to set himself free by letting the curtain go, he did not succeed.

It is certainly an interesting read, and it has a lot of fantastic elements and a mystery vibe to it, without being to over the top and completely unbelievable. However, many of the most “primitive”, pre-agricultural societies believe in a supreme sky-god. Cuza ‘s National-Christian Defense Leaguewho objected to what they viewed as pacifism and addressed antisemitic insults to several speakers, including Mirceea [28] inhe was among the signers of a manifesto opposing Nazi Germany ‘s state-enforced racism.

Gavrilescu entered a strange half-light as if the windows were of blue and green glass. Archaic Techniques of Ecstasya survey of shamanistic practices in different areas. Mircea Eliade’s earliest works, most of which were published at later stages, belong to the fantasy genre. Andreea rated it really liked it Apr 17, After getting off, Gavrilescu was aware of the same torrid heat and the smell of the melting asphalt.

Others, mysteriously illuminated, looked like windows half covered with curtains disclosing interior corridors. It should be almost four. The moment he realized that it was an illusion Gavrilescu felt the room swaying around him, and once more he put his hand to his head.

As the widower later wrote, the disease was probably caused by an abortion procedure she had undergone at an early stage of their relationship. He was elected a posthumous member of the Romanian Academy. Plato could be regarded as the outstanding philosopher of ‘primitive mentality,’ that is, as the thinker who succeeded in giving philosophic currency and validity to the modes of life and behavior of archaic humanity.


Then he began moving slowly along the wall, never leaving it. At the far end of the corridor, unusually high up on the wall, a window seemed to open, the light of the summer twilight filtering through. As a result, his daughter decides to have intercourse with a lowly stranger, becoming pregnant in the hope that her parents would consequently allow her to marry her lover.

Gavrilescu stooped down at the piano and pounced furiously as if wanting to remove the keys, to tear them away, to dig into the womb of the piano with his nails, and then even deeper.

He would hardly decide on the nature of the objects because he was ever faced with new ones which he began to feel with his hands.

A badly lit corridor was stretching before him. He stood transfixed for a moment, feeling the sweat on his back grow cold. He suggests that the differences between the Nazis’ pseudo-Germanic mythology and Marx’s pseudo-Judaeo-Christian mythology explain their differing success:.

Eliade consistently marks the passage of time as an unclear concept, culminating in its complete distortion.

Mircea Eliade

A few men stuck their heads against lq windows, as is by chance. He was faced by three young women standing a few yards in front of him, clapping their hands and laughing.

Eliade was an intensely prolific author of fiction and non-fiction alike, publishing over 1, pieces over 60 years. At the time, historian Gershom Scholem asked Eliade to explain his attitudes, which the latter did using vague terms.