La Ronde de Nuit (French Edition) [Patrick Modiano] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Le Ronde de Nuit (Collection Folio) (French Edition) [Patrick Modiano] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Modiano, Patrick. AUTHOR, IDENTITY AND THE VOICE OF. HISTORY IN PATRICK MODIANO’S LA RONDE DE. NUIT AND LES BOULEVARDS DE CEINTURE. Joseph Golsan.

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Although not as fully realised or fun as Moravia’s novel, it remains an important part of Modiano’s scratching of the scabs that have never quite healed when it comes to the complicity and opportunism of ordinary French people during that dark period. A young man in Paris becomes an agent for both the French Gestapo and the resistance, modianno double agents for both sides. First we learn of the Khedive, then we hear of the Lieutenant. Night Rounds Nuit du Ronde is his second book.

Yet, Modiano has brought a solid character, an anti hero one that will relevantly be saying, “you try to forget the past, but your footsteps invariably lead you back to difficult crossroads,” to his readers. It starts out as almost incomprehensible surrealism, and gradually evolves into realism. Things like this flustered me. The main characters again seem to represent multiple people in similar situations following a straightish double agent story line of conflict and deceit.

Modiano seems to like unknowable characters. Apparently, the bland, smiling face he presents is impenetrable and everyone trusts him. Eventually a narrative voice did emerge. I’ve been unable to lengthen my stride, my breath, or my sentences. Our groomsmen were Queneau, who had mentored Patrick since his adolescence, and Malraux, a friend of my father. The setting–Paris during the Occupation–has a grotesque, carnivalesque quality and the characters could easily come from a production of Cabaret.


The problem was that the artifice of pretending not to know a character you do felt xe here. I was left romde. He must simply make whatever decisions he thinks will keep him alive the longest. Want to Read saving….

Book a book

The novel has a dream-like, even hallucinatory quality that wonderfully points out the surreal nature of enemy occupation and ultimate loyalty. From their marriage came two girls, Zina and Marie Mar 28, P. More novella than novel it tells the story of a man who seems to be part of a gang of criminals who are both collaborating by arresting patriotic Frenchmen while stealing as much lw they can from the houses of those who have fled the Germans.

Interestingly, the book rondd not deal with the Germans. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. In fact this book seems to me more to be related to Ulysses episode 15, CirceT. Published October 1st by Gallimard Education first published I’ve been unable to lengthen my stride, my breath, or my sentences.

He is a collaborator, a traitor, an almost-patriot–he’s whatever anyone wants him to be.

La Ronde de nuit by Patrick Modiano (2 star ratings)

Follow Vague Visages via Email Enter your email address to follow Vague Visages and receive notifications of new posts by email. A beautiful portrait of a troubled period of French history. Of the more than 25 books he has written only a small number are available in English. The vivid imagery adds to the sense of restlessness and impending doom. All the guilt, the fear, the shame the main character experiences as a result of the Occupation becomes crystallized into a sudden horrific understanding.

Duzz rated it it was ok Oct 27, I had a similar experience.

In this story it is a nameless 20 year old male navigating the world of two rival groups of French citizens who are doing what they must in order to survive. Film Noir ronds Apocalyptic Anxiety.


They started to argue about Dubuffet, and it was like we were watching a tennis match!

Anyway, I’ve never known who I was. Vibrant et efficace, comme d’habitude. Quinn Hough Write for Vague Visages.

Jaime Grijalba jaimegrijalba is from Chile and has been writing about film, literature, videogames and culture for the past six years. When one begins to understand what is happening after the midpoint moduano the book, the elements that seemed so disconnected and confusing begin to coalesce into a nightmare of what life in occupied Paris was like for this young man. The setting–Paris during the Oc The narrator of this, the second of the Occupation Trilogy, reminds me of Geryon in Dante’s Inferno; he masks his evil with a benign, smiling face.

I look forward to reading more Modiano. Joe Carnahan’s ‘The A-Team’ View all 17 comments. The hordes of military forces that storm the city go unmentioned a consistent theme of Modianoas our young protagonist is only confronted by the moral duality of the highly-organized French Resistance and the equally systematic French Collaborationists.

Puis je me suis dit tant pis et j’ai lu sans m’en soucier. The narrative voice was so thin, so elusive that I found it impossible to get any kind of emotional foothold in the story.

I found lots of Lacombe Lucien Louis Mallemasterpiece echoes on it and then I discovered that Modiano was one of the screenwriters. Vague Visages on Instagram No Instagram images were found. On the face of it, it seems elegant and fancy when you’re reading “Mon petit” and nhit de Polis”.

Boeiend gegeven, een dubbelspel.