Report of. The Expert Group on. A Viable and Sustainable System of. Pricing of Kirit S. Parikh. Chairman . pricing was also recommended by the Parikh Committee on Integrated Energy Policy (August. ) as one which. He also said that the government agreed to Report in principle implemented Kirit Parikh committee on time which reduced subsidy. Kirit Parikh Committee Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from The Economic Times. Kirit Parikh Committee Blogs, Comments and .

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Parikh Former Member, Planning Commission. India, which is one of the largest energy consuming countries, needs to ensure that the country maintains self-sufficiency in the refining sector in future.

Are you disappointed it has not been implemented? From examination of various alternative pricing mechanisms, the expert group noted that there is no single or unique formula which can be said to represent the correct method for domestic prices in India that would not kiirit distortionary with attendant ill-effects for the economy from the distortions.

Kirit Parikh 26 Mar, The Expert Group recommends that diesel price be raised by Rs.

Disappointed on report not being implemented: Parikh

Therefore, the best course of action is to free the market from price controls at the earliest. The Expert Group recommends that the limit for subsidized cylinders be reduced from the present 9 to 6 cylinders per annum to each household and the DBTL scheme be restricted to identified families based on an exclusion criteria.

We use cookies to ensure the best experience for you on our website. Need for Robust refining sector in India.

Operational and procurement efficiencies The expert group recommends that OMCs be given the freedom to procure crude oil and petroleum products through a mix of long terms contracts and spot purchases from all available sources. Kirit Parikh, retired Planning Commission member and co-author of the Integrated Energy Policy, said in an interview that he is disappointed the fuel pricing report has not been implemented.

So their interest was how open, how level-playing field that is going to be and what investment opportunities that would be for both public and private sectors. The price of subsidized domestic LPG be raised by Rs.


T he expert group recommends that the fixed subsidy of Rs.

Government is looking to alter the way diesel and cooking fuels are priced to reduce its subsidy burden, pxrikh appears to be spiralling out of hand.

But of course there is a difference when you raise prices of diesel or there is a short-term and immediate inflation impact. Any rise in the gap between domestic and international prices beyond Rs. But he hopes that, with crude prices on the rise, the government will see the merits of ending petrol and diesel subsidies and allow market-determined prices, as his panel has recommended. You write a report, you expect something will happen.

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Investors were optimistic your report will be implemented, at least partly. Dharmendra Pradhan 9 Mar, commiittee, In the future, oil companies should be permitted to revise the prices above the subsidy cap in line with the changes in the international prices and other costs elements on their own.

Decision on Kirit Parikh committee report soon: Petroleum secy

Pradhan He also said that the government agreed to Dr. The Expert Group recommends that since the government has already decided to eventually free diesel price, there is no need to tinker with the existing pricing formula, which, even if modified, will not solve the problem of mounting under-recoveries incurred on sales of controlled products, mainly due to high international crude prices and depreciation of Indian rupee.

Kirit Parikh 24 Jun, But what is surprising to me is that the commigtee did raise the price of petrol and diesel, but did not go to free market competitive price determination at the refinery gate as well as at the retail level.

Inflation cannot be the reprt for not acting on one or the other. The politicians obviously have the right and also the obligation to take decisions the way they think is in the best interest of the society.

Disappointed on report not being implemented: Parikh – Livemint

Veerappa Moily in December Fuel price reforms urgent, says Kirit Parikh 5 Jun, Hence, the high price had to be distributed over an extended time. No, I understand that. Kirit Parikh panel recommends diesel price hike 30 Oct, The second option is recommended by the Expert Group as that would lead to decline in subsidy over time. Dear user, The EconomicTimes. We are getting indications that it may not be possible to immediately deregulate diesel or raise kerosene prices by Rs6 a litre.


Decision on Kirit Parikh committee report soon: Petroleum secy | india | Hindustan Times

Please enable it for better performance of ETEnergyworld. Hike in kerosene, LPG prices a step in right direction: Till this is implemented, the expert group commitete that the price of PDS Kerosene be increased by Rs. The group recommends that the Government should take steps to pass on the impact of rise in price of Diesel to consumers and move rapidly towards making the repprt of diesel market determined. What is your estimate of how much under-recoveries could balloon to if it stays at that level?

Crude has increased but the rupee has appreciated. Certainly one is disappointed. When the price becomes higher, it becomes difficult for the government to immediately pass on the price to the consumer. A phased implementation is likely. The investor community is clearly interested in are we going to commityee up the field to make it level-playing field for both public and the private sector and even level-playing field among the public sector entities reporh even that is not clear today whether it is a level-playing field among them.

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In view of the significant gap between the present administered prices and the international prices, the committee has reprt out the arrangements that may prevail in the interim till the best course of action is implemented. What do you think is the reason your suggestions are not being put in practice? Veerappa Moily here today 30th October Kirit Parikh 26 Jun, ,