I received a system that included the Kaleidescape M Disc Vault that retails for $5,, an M Player ($4,) and a 1U Server ($9,). Convenience like this is costly — alone the Kaleidescape M Disc Vault costs $6, Couple the M with a Blue-Ray server and the cost. Insert your Blu-ray discs and CDs and the M Disc Vault automatically copies them onto your Kaleidescape System. Protected DVDs are not.

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Kaleidescape has an app for iPhone, iPad and Android users that assists you in building your media library by keeping your current collection organized and easily accessible on your phone.


Kaleidescape has gone to a system-wide update plan so they add data for new releases periodically through updates to kaleieescape system. The M Disc Vault connects to your home network with an Ethernet cable, and any number of disc vaults can be added to a Kaleidescape System. Within moments of the disc being recognized, it spun it into the carrousel and was available system wide. The Blu-ray Disc region code of the integrated M-Class player is set at the time of purchase and cannot be changed by the customer.

Kaleidescape M Disc Vault |

You chose whatever you want and select it no matter where you are in the home, which is insanely cool. Your item has been added to cart. Automatically imports your Blu-ray discs and CDs and catalogs your DVDs Includes an integrated M-Class player Loads up to discs making it ,aleidescape to add great content to your kaleidesacpe Enables instant playback of content imported from Blu-ray disc Supports fully-automated playback of protected DVDs.

Once connected I loaded in a few Blu-ray discs kaelidescape I was provided with from Kaleidescape since they were already preloaded on the system’s hard drive. The scenes feature is totally customizable. Four more than four decades Trutone Electronics has been proudly serving the Greater Toronto Area with the greatest asset any specialty audio video dealership possesses: There is no comparison on this one, Kaleidescape has the fastest movie start up times of any Blu-ray player available – period.


Reloading the disc into either the disc vault or the player does allow access to the movie and does not require reloading the film onto the hard drive. If you want a kaleidsecape server for native Blu-ray content throughout your home, Kaleidescape is the only company that has managed to work through the legal mess to release such a system.

Because you don’t really need one. In the older K-scape systems, you could import your DVDs or CDs and remove them yet still access them on your network. I liked the feature for demoing movies for friends and I suspect dealers will like this feature too. The presence of a Blu-ray Disc in the vault enables instant playback of the copy on the server by any M-Class player in the system. The front of all the kaleidescaape is a frosted white and the panels illuminate either a soft blue, or orange when things go wrong or the pieces haven’t yet recognized each other after power up – like when I didn’t put the drives into the 1U server before trying to use the system.

Aesthetics be damned, the Kaleidescape system is designed to be rack mounted so other kaleldescape their front fascias, they’re plain kaleodescape.

The vault can only import DVDs matching its configured region code.

The M Disc Vault stores up to Blu-rays and they can be networked together to accommodate larger libraries. Let me show you how easy it is. Blu-ray won’t allow for this so the hard drive will not play a Blu-ray that it has not found in the disc vault or in a player’s optical drive on the network. The faster speed is a little slow for even the medium sized collection I had on this system and could get frustrating with much larger collections.

You no longer look for a disc that may or may not be in their cases.

Kaleidescape M700 Disc Vault With Integrated M-class Movie Player

Trutone’s carefully chosen product lines include surround sound receivers, loudspeakers, televisions, custom remote controls, audio video furniture, room acoustic controls, headphones, bluray players, projectors, and screens. It really is that easy!

Both the M and M have the kaleideecape connectivity. The M weighs 38 pounds empty and 49 loaded with discs. Insert your first disc into the slot with the label facing to the right. A third faster speed would have been nice.


The system is so easy to use your grandparents could handle it, even if they can’t figure out email or Facebook. The M Series systems are capable of streaming native Blu-ray content, both audio and video, over your home network. Discs in the vault remain organized and easy to find. Initially the service was only available in a few In the center, is the slot where you will insert and retrieve your discs, and to the right, are three buttons for controlling the M Disc Vault.

When navigating the music interface you can select anything you like, song, albums, collections, etc. An imported Blu-ray movie will play if a component of the system matches the region code specified by the disc.

Connections are limited as this is a networked device. Kaleidescape even has a special child remote. The M player is also a single rack space in height, Even the fastest Blu-ray players will still just be on the menu by then. Up to discs can be loaded into the vault making it easy to import or play your collection of movies and music on disc.

The system recognized all my films, even the adult content, without being connected to the Internet. And, it features a built-in MClass player.

A drop down menu allows you to eject the disc from the vault, and depending on where the disc is in the tray will affect how quickly it ejects, but I found the M pretty speedy at finding and ejecting single discs. Email us and tell us why you think this product should receive a higher rating.

The Kaleidescape system is as easy as an iPod to work yet offers much more flexibility and performance. The average movie loaded in seconds, far faster than even the fastest Blu-ray player made.