Kajukenbo (Japanese: カジュケンボ Kajukenbo) is a hybrid martial art from Hawaii . The name . Most kajukenbo curricula feature counter-attacks to punches, kicks , grabs, as well as using knives, sticks and guns to counter back. While this base . students and instructors who practice the Kajukenbo arts for a variety of .. yellow belt curriculum well enough to test within months of starting the program. Author Topic: Curriculum Driven School (Read times) In addition is AKKS , Kajukenbo, Lima Lama, Duarte Methode Kenpo Jujitsu.

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It is generally thought that “unfair” moves, such as strikes to the eyes or groin, are perfectly acceptable, as is whatever else the practitioner feels is necessary to get home that day.

Lets skip back to Hawaii, time zone 40s and 50s. Please lets stop with the before I believe you were there stuff and try to steer back on to a meaningful discourse.

Dec 4, Messages: I don’t personally remember this. The art slowly began to grow in popularity, and soon Emperado had 12 Kajukenbo schools in Hawaii, making it the second largest string curridulum schools at the time.

The name Tum Pai, which means “central way”, fits the Tai-Chi concept blended into the Kajukenbo format.

When things don’t match up in an investigation you have to question it, right? We advise that our kickboxers workout at a pace suitable for them. Since you have personally called me out, so ckrriculum it.

Retrieved 21 December Our dance team performs all over Southern California, competing against other dance companies throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties. In addition the philosophy of remaining “unfixed” also applies to the defense techniques, in that there is no defined response to a given situation, and they attempt to fit the situation as it arises.


Just looking for the facts. We had mutual respect. Inwhile staying with Emperado in Hawaii, he demonstrated his concepts and techniques and asked if he could call it Tum Pai and bring the name back to life.

No, create an account now. I will stop here and ask others if they want to put in some times and dates and then I will get back to you about Sifu John Leoning, not being a Black Belt at 31 years of age. Although I must admit I’d like to know the answers to those questions myself.

He was a small man, I told him, I am here to learn, and hone up, but I could take him out, he agreed.

Retrieved from ” https: Was’nt that a little awkward? Oh I love these discussions and the information is great! Hi Joe, Good post, thanks. He is about the oldest living or longest on the Job right now, he was my Sgt in Foothill and Metro.

The Original Curiculum of Kajukenbo/Karazenpo

Share This Page Tweet. Archived from the original on 21 January Two dates when Sifu Leoning brought Kajukenbo to the mainland That is how old he was when he came here. The first system of Kajukenbo is the Matsuno Ryu Goshinjutsu. Robert Conrad, who was a student of John Leoning, was to use his Kajukenbo skills later in his next T.

Kajukenbo training incorporates a blend of strikingkickingthrowingtakedownsjoint locks and weapon disarmament. That was 1 of many of our problems to be. Mar 21, Messages: Retrieved 1 January — via Google Books.

Kajukenbo – Wikipedia

What a bunch of b. Ok now we are on the mainland and it is and the three messengers come bearing gifts, oops wrong story. Did that Black belt who left ever go anywhere?


The neutrality of this article is disputed. He had a special class for Kung Fu, which I also took. The curriculum is exactly the same as the adult class, but is modified to their abilities and attention.

Kajukenbo Ranks

Please don’t feel insecure about me. Lets go to the 40s, James Mitose Retires 30 years old!! Kajukenbo was founded in Hawaii in As the 70’s approached in my area Kajuienbo England there was all this talk about self promotion and legitimate rank because of Fred Villari going from a nidan under Nick Cerio to a 10th in record time, surpassing, not only his instructor but his instructor’s instructor. This was the beginning of an kajukenbk and adaptive style designed to combine the most useful aspects of the arts.

Programs | McDuffy’s Kajukenbo Self-Defense Institute

This openness tends to encourage kqjukenbo to incorporate other arts into their practice. Our tutors ensure the student has the support needed to complete their daily homework assignments. I was a white belt and was not in the know at the time. The majority of our students never engage in confrontation at school or on the playground. Or deal with the apparent flaw that I have observed.: I see the new breed likes a footcover especially in the winter Hanshi won’t let you go there, so it must be right.

In fact, the opposite is true.