Jurji Zaidan was one of the leading thinkers of the Arab h his historical novels, his widely read journal, al-Hilal, which is stillpublished t. Tree of Pearls, Queen of Egypt by Jurji Zaydan, Translated from the Arabic by Samah Selim, BUY DIRECT from Syracuse University Press. By writing historical novels, Jurji Zaidan wanted to provide the common Arabic people with an accurate sense of their own history in an.

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It won the Arkansas Arabic Translation Award.

Jurji Zaidan’s Arabic Historical Novels: Educating and Entertaining the Public –

As he breezed through, Zaidan must have been experienced a delight like zaydn of thousands of other Arab readers, who have continued to devour Zaidan’s novels, much as English readers still devour those by Robert Louis Stevenson and the French those of Alexandre Dumas. The economics of Arabellion So, with all due respect to my friend Roger Allen, there’s little historical accuracy–not in my novel, at least.

Zaidan’s “The Caliph’s heirs” is set zayadn 9th century Baghdad. For a long time, scholars didn’t appreciate the Arabic historical novel. Inthe newly opened Egyptian University offered Zaydan a professorship in Islamic History, which Zaydan accepted only ruluctantly because of his unpopularity amongst conservative Muslims.

Jordan and the influx of refugees The true Samaritans.

Jurji Zaydan – Wikipedia

The static characters, coupled with his straightforward, journalistic style were ideal for relating an objective and accurate history in the clearest way possible to the broad Arab public. The firing led to mass protests amongst the students, many of whom left or were expelled for rebelling.


But the visit served another purpose: May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Educating and Entertaining the Public. Journal of Arabic Literature.

He would continue zaycan steadily produce roughly one novel a year until his death in After a short stint in the Medical School of ‘Ain Shams’ and a military expedition with the British army to the Sudan, he turned his focus to developing his writing career.

The Translation Into English of Historical Novels Zydan Zaidan wrote twenty-two historical novels between and more than one hundred of which were translated into nine different languages but none into English. Gale Virtual Reference Library.

Jurji Zaidan was a prolific and famous Christian Arab historian, linguist and journalist who wrote widely on social and cultural issues.

And, for reasons that he and Samah Selim explain very well, the novels are worth reading anyway. Jurji Zaidan and his family circa Self-publishing, for instance, left him freer “to continue Zaidan’s educational mission in the translations by including study guides in all of them as well as scholarly assessments in some. Zaidan’s grandson then set to reading the novels. He also influenced Zaydan’s worldview, leading him to adopt the idea that education was the most important factor for the progress and development of a zaydam.

Moreover, “Western scholarship was more in search of social realism than in rehashing history. Then, he would build a skeleton outline based entirely on historical fact.


Jurji Zaydan

For more details click here. Translator Samah Selim said she worked for several years on the novel, which was one of her favorites.

Including the love story. His first book was published in with Ta’rikh al-Masuniya al-Amm in which he aimed to correct misconceptions about the Freemasons of which he was a member of the “Le Liban” lodge.

Tree of Pearlsoriginally published inis the last in a famous series of historical novels written by Zaydan, an accomplished historian whose books continue to be read widely in the Arab world today. Newest Most Read Most Comments. Now it has been launched — and discussed — in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. His professional and personal life took a turn inwith his marriage to Maryam Matar and the publication of his first historical novel, al-Mamluk al-Shariid The Fleeing Mamluk.

Although George Zaidan said he could have worked with traditional publishers, he has chosen to self-publish with all but one of the novels. The protests led AUB administration to close the school for the year. Skip to main content.