Caveat: iText may swallow PDF bookmarks. But Jens Stavnstrup tells us in issue FOP that this doesn’t happen if you use iText’s PDFStamper. Here is. I have a requirement to present a PDF on demand in a web application injecting user specific data. I’m looking at both Apache FOP and iText. Dear Author: We have been using Apache FOP to generate FDP files. How does iText compare to FOP? Thanks.

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But please please please don’t take my word for it! It’s the solution of all your PDF needs in Java. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

Java Revisited: Open source Java Libraries to Create PDF documents – iText vs Apache FOP

XML reporting and look query. Many of you would have definitely heard about iTextit’s the standard Java library for creating PDF files, but iText 5. Velika, Personally, I use iText.

It is also one of the oldest and has huge user added codes and hence has matured over the years. It have been found that many people have problem with the header settings to deliver the PDF file download with different browser. From my point of view Apache licenses are more appropriate for dop uses. However, it would be ideal if we could separate the styling of the PDF from the code that generates the document.

There are projects where FOP is the better choice; and there are projects where you’re better off with iText. XSL-FO is rather complex There is good documentation and tutorials on using FOP available on Apache’s site.


Open source Java Libraries to Create PDF documents – iText vs Apache FOP

We’ve also found the following comment on this article: With a little knowledge, a cast iron skillet is non-stick and lasts a lifetime. It is pretty complete tiext has holes that have tripped me up frequently. The following code show how you add watermark, permission and owner password onto your PDF file. I have to prepare PDF document with images generated by servletsso it seems that iText is a good solution.?

If you need different formats, or think you are likely to, FOP will make that job easier. This is definitely not as feature rich as iText, but can be useful as to generate Ittext files and support common functionalities, which is what most of the Java projects needs.

In short, second Edition of this book mainly covers iText 5 along with.

Incidently, Holman’s book, “Definitive XSL-FO” is a great itexf, but if you get it, go to Kinkos and get it rebound in a lay-flat spiral binding because you will constantly be turning back and forth between the sections. No programmer is required in the future to process different documents with different contents.

It’s an FOP port to Java5: Originally posted by Bruce Jin: Could anyone tell me how to create PDF using Java? Copyright by Javin Paul Apache FOP used to be used but was found to be too slow. Just take a look at the projects that use iText.

These icons indicate where to find restaurants, hotels, movie theatres, November 7, at 3: Your perception is correct that using iText your style information would be part of the Java code obviously, you could factor style info out into properties that get consulted when the PDF is created, but basically the Java code is where that information is specified. Ashish Sharma 8. If you want to have a externally configurable control over the output format of the PDF.


They both produce PDF, but that’s it. Why wait notify and notifyAll called from synchron There are a lot of pdf libraries out there like pdfsharp. Because iText allows you to define the layout in a more accurate way, and because iText is much faster than FOP. With many pros and cons respectively in mind, it would be ideal to use the combination of two to extreme your benefit. How HashMap works in Java?

Comparing Apache FOP with iText

Skip to main content. I have a requirement to present a PDF on demand in a web application injecting user specific data. This entry was posted in Dynamic File Generation. Had to go through a learning curve to achieve this but the end result was good.

With iText, a page is written to the OutputStream as soon as it’s completed. FOP makes sense if your data is highly regular lots of tablesor if you have XML data to begin with.