Invincible, the Game of Shusaku has 56 ratings and 7 reviews. Damon said: Shusaku was one of the leading players of the mid 19th century, who’s innovatio.. . “Invincible: The Games of Shusaku,” John Power’s classic and widely-acclaimed masterpiece on one of the greatest go players who ever lived. Is listed for $??! To my surprise today, this book is now a collectible? I bought it for $40 15 years or so ago. Some are listed at $ I.

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This book is worth more than it’s weight in gold to all students of Go and I recommand this book very highly.

Careful, well-researched game analyses, carried out by top professional players, show you invuncible world of Japanese professional go from the inside.

Of course, if you want to follow the games of current top pro Go players, it’s better to replay games by players such as Yamashita Keigo, Park Yeong-hun, Chen Yaoye, or Gu Li. Sun Apr 19, Don’t know anything about kifu.

Invincible: The Games of Shusaku : baduk

That’s a placeholder price. Um umitems rated it really liked it May 12, Submit a new text post. His victories over his contemporaries in a number of matches contributed to his reputation, but its main foundation is his perfect record, not even approached by any other player, of nineteen successive wins in the annual castle games played in the presence of the shogun. I can’t really say whether or not it is worth it if you’re weaker.


Maybe other could share their experience on that. Mon Apr 20, 5: I finished reading what was “usual book content” within it. I did not find it useful at that level, and have never re-opened it. Mike Malveaux rated it really liked it Dec 07, We have discussions, go problems, game reviews, news, events, tournaments, lessons and more!

This is probably the best compilation of games currently available in print, and I highly recommend it for any new player. Submit a new link. Aniket rated it really liked it Jan 12, So look at some free ones — say at gogameguru — and if you find them interesting, you will probably like Invincible, because the commentaries are even better. Micah rated it it was amazing Nov 14, I eagerly await further books that cover the careers of today’s hottest and best Go players in the same manner that John Power has covered Shusaku.

Some are only moves long. At my level, I invoncible can’t understand all the intricacy of the games, but at the very least sometime thanks to the comment I can see the talent of the players and appreciate the beauty of their go.

In the second section of the book are another fifty-eight non-commentated games for further study. This way of playing is only possible if one has a clear understanding of the principles of go and is blessed with superb positional judgement, and it also requires considerable self-confidence.

The commentary is very deep and comprehensive. It’s cool though – you can click through the SGFs.

Invincible, the Game of Shusaku

Totally worth buying it! Wed Feb 24, 1: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


Submit a game for review Want help? They also offer up many alternative scenarios that may have worked better to the benefits of one player or the other. I have shysaku some math textbooks on amazon go from 40 to overnight. Mon Apr 20, 9: Jordan Fontaine rated it it was amazing Apr 05, Mon Apr 20, Mar 23, Zach May rated it it was amazing Shelves: I bought it at 15k.

Dec 02, Jack rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dbyrne rated it it was amazing Sep 23, Enough that when it came out on SmartGo Books I purchased it again. Nico rated it it was amazing Jul 27, Paulus Germanus ivincible it it was amazing Apr 21, Tue Apr 21, 7: The kifu in Invincible are divided into several diagrams to make it invinvible for readers to follow the commentary.

American Go E-Journal

Mon Apr invincibe, 3: Seeing many good shapes in games eventually will help you play those shapes too. Not sure of prices for the hardback tho When I put all my books up for sale I had overthat is one of only 3 I did not offer.

If you are interested maybe just contact the seller and ask if you can buy at a lower price. Is it worth buying invincible?