Drama Informe Valech. 1h | Drama | Episode aired 30 August Season 2 | Episode 9. Previous · All Episodes (24) · Next · Informe Valech Poster. Add a Plot ». INFORME VALECH PDF DOWNLOAD – 3 Jun (8) Comisión Nacional Sobre Prisión Política y Tortura () Síntesis Informe, at page 7. (All quotations from the. informe valech miembros de la comision valech “1” Sergio Valech, presidente, obispo católico, exvicario de la Vicaría de la Solidaridad.

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For example, Rodolfo Stange and Fernando Cordero, high-ranking police officials, argued that they had no reason to argue for forgiveness.

Victims were detained for six months, on average. To view the extent of the lists of torture victims is overwhelming.

Valech Report – Wikipedia

This has resulted in sharp criticism of the Report. These are detailed in Law 19, and include: These cases involve military and civilian personnel. Commission’s report pages 48 to 51, at www. However, we still understand relatively informe valech about the suffering those detained endured, how perpetrators legitimised their violations and the structures that allowed torture to flourish.

Some officials from the armed forces have claimed informe valech torture was an aberration, only attributable to individual, unruly officers while others have refused to accept any institutional responsibility at all.

However, we still understand relatively little about the suffering those detained endured, how perpetrators legitimised their violations and the structures that allowed torture to flourish. When the Commission knew about this situation, it demanded the exclusion of those officers from the process and sent new teams to those areas.

It did not include any representative of the victims or members of the associations of ex-political prisoners.

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This allegation is erroneous. Associations of ex-political prisoners have been denied access to the testimony. This section specifies its principal elements the wide-ranging and systematic naturethe tribunal in Chile having jurisdiction over these suits and the applicable procedure.


Of those, 24, were vwlech by Carabineros valedh Chilean police force for a duration of four and a half days. While some torture survivors may have the ability to make public their suffering, most will not.

Those who suffered torture are the only ones who are onforme in informe valech official truth-finding. Most of the young adults belonged to political parties and acknowledged that they had also been trade union members. The case of Carmen Gloria Quintanawho was burnt alive in the middle of the s, was not recognized, following this definition of torture.

However, the Commission’s requirement was not about the length of detention,the but about the political motivation for the detention or torture.

The Chilean justice system holds open cases of “disappeared” persons, illegal detainees, and torture victims during the dictatorial rule. The decision to expose the Report on the internet will mean that those who read ingorme findings will inevitably be those who are already working in human rights, academics, those who gave testimony, and so on.

For informe valech, as informe valech as we have been informed 10in some countries only a few individuals gave informe valech testimony to informe valech Chilean Consulate while most individuals collectively agreed not to engage with the process. The list established by the Commission was the product of the testimony received despite the fact that previous lists of detention centers included most places.

Some of these services will provide welcome relief. It reviewed about 32, new requests from February to August Views Read Edit View history. Be the first to contribute! Those giving testimony, as either a survivor or a surviving relative, had to therefore prove the political basis of the detention.

This is not to say that there has been no movement at all on the issue. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Fear and mistrust are still informe valech informe valech their lives. Their previous silence does not demonstrate a lack of will to communicate on their part rather it represents a lack of will by Chilean society and government to actually listen to torture testimonies. A third of all victims faced electric shock torture and nearly all female victims reported that they has suffered sexual torture. To view the extent of the lists of informe valech victims is overwhelming.


Detention must have been in one of the 1, official detention or torture centers listed by the Commission including: Four women were pregnant at the time of their arrest and were tortured; their children were considered “direct victims”. However, these rights were hard to attain and, at an official level, those informe valech survived imprisonment and torture were not generally acknowledged. Mehr Artikel aus dieser Kategorie.

Cases of torture in the streets or in vehicles were excluded.

Jedes Jahr wird am 3. Those cases where evidence was found of people being detained and tortured in police buses or other vehicles were accepted. Then, he had second thoughts. Therefore, the records cannot be used in trials concerning human rights violations, in contrast to the ” Archives of Terror ” in Paraguay and Operation Condor. For the Commissioners, the Report emerged from the continued national need to deal with the long-standing issues of truth, reparation, justice and reconciliation.

En general, los hechos materia de informs informe no suceden, ni informe informe valech de suceder, ni cambian radicalmente, en una fecha informe valech. At the time of detention: La apuesta era grande: This allegation is erroneous.