IMM B: Upfront Medical Report: Client Biodata and Summary (not available on our website as panel physicians will have these forms in. they will give you a copy of the IMM B Upfront Medical Report form. Fees. You must pay any fees related to the medical exam when you are there. Posts about IMM written by JESSICA YUAN. NOTE: With the implementation of the new IMM B, the Appendix C will no longer be.

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If a panel member relocates his or her practice, that relocation must be brought to the attention of the RMO, as designation as a panel member is related to your location.

Panel members should submit their request for reconsideration in writing within 30 days of inm of the termination letter to:.

If a panel member is completing a paper-based IME that must be mailed to the RMO, he or she should discuss the method and cost 1071b sending the documents with the client beforehand. If the client chooses to defer her chest x-ray because of pregnancy: All eMedical users will have a unique logon ID and password to access the system.

Inspect neck, axilla and groin 117b lymphadenopathy. Psychiatric Conditions PDF In regions where eMedical is available, panel members and their clinic staff will be required to complete all IMEs and enter the results in the eMedical system, unless otherwise specified by the 107b RMO.

Being available for RMO visits and for provision of performance and technical information related to the IME process e. This Handbook provides instructions, information and reference material related to the work of panel members and to the IME process.

The panel physician clinic is notified of the completion of the chest x-ray examination. Panel radiologist A radiologist designated to perform, grade and 10177b chest x-rays for IMEs. In all cases, the online version of the Handbook will be the most current and is the version that should be consulted.

Cardiac Disease PDF RMOs may require additional information to complete the medical assessment. Until laboratories are designated by CIC, panel physicians are responsible for ensuring that the laboratories they use:.


Issuing instructions for medical examinations

Prior to recommending a particular physician or radiologist as a prospective locum, the panel member must be satisfied that the proposed locum has the qualifications and experience to perform IMEs. EDE Excessive demand exempt is a category of client who is exempt from assessment of excessive demand.

Panel members who perform IME-related activities must follow the procedures below for copies and files as well as for original documents and information. Laboratory testing may continue and the panel physician will report the concerns to CIC for follow-up.

Find More Posts by KenA. Comments are mandatory for B-grade IMEs. The form will include two client identifiers: Panel members may include physicians, radiologists, laboratories and other designated health care professionals involved in the IME process. The Access to Information Act may be viewed at http: Medical Report — Client Biodata and Summary.

The RMO issues a client letter with instructions to return to a panel physician for further investigations. In addition, the legislation sets out the grounds on which a person may be found to be inadmissible to Canada, including inadmissibility on health grounds.

Inspect neck, axilla and groin for lymphadenopathy Evidence of substance abuse e. IME Immigration medical examination: Such requests are not related to the immigration medical program and panel physicians may respond to these inquiries as they choose.

Medical exam for permanent residents Apply — Skilled immigrants Express Entry Medical exams You must have a medical exam before you apply.

IMM | CIC Canada Immigration

The physician will then proceed to input and submit the results of the immigration medical examination on a paper form for these clients. The termination of a panel member will automatically cancel prior approvals of a locum immm this panel member. Individuals who in the course of an IME are found to have inactive TB or treated syphilis must be placed under medical surveillance in Canada. Total loss of the eMedical system unexpected outages Loss of core functions cases cannot be submitted; attachments cannot be uploaded.

The IME must be completed in the Canadian official language requested by the client. Depending on the event reported, CIC may suspend designation refer to Section 3. Original passport or a copy of passport certified by mim Canadian Visa Office National ID card an original Birth Certificate is an acceptable national ID document for minors under the age of consent only. Panel members should send written notification to the RMO, including the anticipated date on which activity will cease. This includes continued or repeated deficiencies after notification, in the following: Find More Posts by Siouxie.


The system will be updated with appropriate information for locums. Under the Privacy Actall individuals have the right to the protection of their personal information held by a federal institution.

Panel Members’ Handbook –

Panel member A general term that refers to a panel physician, panel radiologist or panel laboratories or specialists authorized by CIC to perform IME-related activities. This site uses cookies. Panel members may wish to advertise their IME services by creating their own website or distributing printed material, in which case the following instructions apply: My Service Canada Account.

Panel members must be aware that clients from some cultures may request special accommodation during the IME. Complaints are common in any client service procedure. The panel member should have key information available to assist RMO staff, including the following: Syphilis is endemic in many regions of the world from which CIC clients originate i.

Designated medical practitioner DMP was the previously used term. Instructions for visa and immigration officers. Skip to main content Skip to “About this site”. The information to be shared will not be related to individual clients or a specific type of care; rather it will be generic information concerning administrative such as email, contact addresses and operational activities such as electronic capabilities, locations as well as information gathered during evaluations, assessments or onsite visits by CIC officers.

Paper-based Panel Clinics The client must provide four photographs to the panel clinic.