Honeywell eZtrend QXe 5″ Display Video Recorder This model has been retired and is no longer available for purchase. Please see the Honeywell eZTrend GR. Buy Honeywell eZtrend QXe electronic Recorder 3 channel with 4 Alarms and more from our comprehensive selection of Honeywell eZtrend QXe Touch Screen . Honeywell eZtrend QXe X Series Graphic Recorders. X Series Graphic Recorders. eZtrend QXe. The recorder accepts up to 12 universal analog inputs and.

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All data logged is automatically time-and-date stamped with a real time clock. Honeywell is experiencing longer-than-normal lead times on this product due to a materials shortage.

Production of this unit ceased December Welcome, log in or register. Logging rates and chart speeds can be programmed independently allowing data to be displayed and stored at the best-suited rate.

Best Sellers Honeywell Circular Chart DO was succesfully added to your cart. Would you like it calibrated? Save My Shopping List. Filters, Mixers, and Tanks.

This memory is boneywell upto MB. Pumps, Motors and Compressors. United Electric C11 Pressure Switch. The unique Honeywell Trendview credit system adopted by the eZtrend QXe paperless recorders also offers the user an array of advanced functionality.


Honeywell eZtrend QXe ()

A standard onboard data memory with 70MB will store approx 16million data points. These recorders provide enhanced boneywell options that protect programs from accidental change with allowing up to four levels of password protection and 10 different passwords. Contains three different style hubs, one spring and one allen wrench.

Air Velocity – Manometers. No charges will be made until your order ships.

Honeywell eZTrend QXe 5″ Display Advanced Video Recorder. (Replaces Trendview V5 eZTrend.)

Honeywell eZtrend QXe Recorder benefits…. And it can print identifying information right on the chart, including but not limited to time, date, parameter ranges, engineering units for all measured processes, and any alphanumeric messages you choose.

Tubing, Valves and Hose. United Electric D14 Pressure Switch. Honeywell Multitrend QXe Recorder benefits…. Fluidic order directly with the Honeywell factory via ezrtend exclusive channel partner web portal and hold stock for some common lines.

We accept payment via Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Gas and Environment Meters.

Vibration – Leak Ezhrend. Usually ships in 10 days. Save My Shopping List You can view your shopping list or continue shopping. With this enhanced footprint protection, the eZtrend QXs paperless recorder is compliant for validation within a CFR21 part 11 system. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.


Can’t find the product you need? Shopping Cart Items Ordered: Cost-effective electronic data collection in a compact DIN-sized recorder Program up to 6 user-definable soft alarms per pen eztdend announce out-of-limit conditions Durable touch screen provides easy data entry and rapid navigation through menus These electronic recorders provide flexible, general-purpose data recording that enables you to monitor and control your process instrumentation with ease.

Honeywell eZtrend QXe Paperless Recorder

For pharmaceutical applications, Honeywell eZtrend QXe paperless recorders can be ordered with an extended security option. This includes features such as totalisation, high scan rates, thermocouple health check diagnostics, email alarm relay functions and customised hobeywell. Honeywell Circular Chart United Electric Differential Pressure Switch.

The recorder itself offers itself towards multiple batching processes, and pharmaceutical applications are common place.

Sorry, this item is now discontinued.