JNTO is official Japan Tourism Organization, providing free advice and 【 Announcement】For Travel Agencies: Regarding Travel Subsidies in Hokkaido. At the reception, he outlined the key to enjoying Hokkaido from an Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) -In cooperation with. Explore Cities. 1 Hokkaido; 2 Tohoku; 3 Tokyo; 4 Chubu; 5 Kyoto; 6 Nara; 7 Osaka; 8 Kobe; 9 Shikoku; 10 Hiroshima · Explore regions.

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Sample the flavorful surprises and wild charms of Hokkaido and journey beyond your imagination. No matter how you chose to spend your day, make a Niseko night of it at the resort’s highly acclaimed restaurants jnti bars. Kushiro Kattedon Buy a bowl of rice at Kushiro Washo Seafood Market and wander the stalls, filling it with as much fresh, reasonably priced seafood as you like.

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They all make a silent personal statement: Beer lovers must pay a visit to both the Hokkaido Brewery and Sapporo Beer Museum before diving into the capital city’s diverse and dynamic nightlife. In the east lies Japan’s largest marshland, Kushiro National Park. The website is available in English, Chinese, and Korean. Its rich yet refreshing taste almost makes you go back for seconds. Not the instant stuff served in Styrofoam cups, but the fresh noodles served in a bowl of rich soup stock topped with….

The sight of pink cherry trees lining the long road of dark walled samurai residences is extremely beautiful and elegant. Modern Art Visualize Japan’s treasured heritage and its cutting-edge future. With Komagatake as the backdrop to your adventure, you can set about touring various courses between three islands on the lake, searching for wild birds while taking in the typically Japanese scenery of lakes and marshes, taking a pleasure cruise around O-numa and Konuma, racing across the lake on a motorboat, relaxing on a gently ambling canoe, and taking part in activities such as horse trekking and horse riding lessons at local ranches.

Hokkaido – Japan’s Regional Charm – JapanGov

See our cookies policy for more information. The taste of the milk and butter that are a staple of breakfast menus at hotels is exceptional. With its four interconnected resorts and more than skiable hectares, powder hounds can make fresh tracks hokkido Niseko all afternoon.


Bird feathers are sewn together for clothing. In a large bowl, rice is topped with a variety of seafood items just seen in the storefront, raising the expectations. Hokkaido’s sea urchins are especially delectable due to their mellow, sweet flavor. Orangutans, with their long arms and grips that are around 10 times stronger than the grip of a human hand, freely walk through the air while holding on to ropes at 17m above ground.

Welcome to the Japan National Tourism Organization Website

Share your travel photos with us by hashtagging your images with visitjapanjp. Read more about Tsurunoyu Onsen here. Stepping into the market, the aisle is about 3 meters wide and each side is tightly lined with stores containing stands, and many tourists pass by. In the southwest jntoo of Aomori prefecture, the enormous Hirosaki Park-home to the ruins of the 17th-century Hirosaki Castle -is considered one of the most spectacular cherry blossom sites in Japan.

Hokkaido is synonymous with skiing in Japan. Obihiro Butadon Locally sourced pork is aged briefly to bring out its natural umami, then grilled and served over Hokkaido rice.

The milk has a rich taste and thick texture and, once you drink it, its creamy texture will gently coat your tongue and throat.

Nibutani tree-bark cloth was a common material in Ainu households for centuries. The Ishikari River in Hokkaido is famous for the delicious salmon that swim in its waters. See and eat fresh seafood at a morning market in the gourmet heaven, Hokkaido! Buy a bowl of rice at Kushiro Washo Seafood Market and wander the stalls, filling it with as much fresh, reasonably priced seafood as you like.

Safety tips for travelers. The mild weather in summer is great for exploring the green hills and national parks. Or just take a seat at one of the town’s many Michelin-starred restaurants. Coastal plains sprawl in all directions. Soup Curry It’s curry in a delicious soup form. And Hokkaido’s ancient Ainu culture is like none other in Japan. The time to discover the hidden Hokkaido is now.


The island’s cities are bursting with culinary delights and vibrant nightlife. Locally sourced pork is aged briefly to bring out its natural umami, then grilled and served over Hokkaido rice. Another surprising thing is the deliciousness of the fresh milk and dairy products.

Summer is lavender season in Hokkaido, and there are dozens of other flower festivals too. Hokkaido offers many things to do throughout the year. Japan is synonymous with seafood, and it features on menus everywhere throughout the country. A simple dish that showcases the natural flavors of Hokkaido.

There are still a few local train lines that are delayed or suspended.

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On September 6th, at approximately 3: Products can be shipped to three areas including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, meaning tourists from hokkajdo areas have obtained a wonderful advantage!

The ice cream from a stall on a street corner is a perfect snack during a break from town walk. If you’ve never heard of Hokkaido, you’re not alone. Here, you will be able to experience being at one with nature as you feel the warmth of animals, smell the earth, and gaze at clouds floating here in there in the vast blue sky. The five-centimeter-high bolta character comes in poses, appearing as a warlord, musician, singer, tennis player, tea ceremony master, astronomer, thinker and many other guises.

The stall appears from spring to fall, and sells fresh boiled corn, potatoes, ice pops and snacks. Into addition to forested mountains, the countryside is home to fertile farmland and milky-water mineral hot springs.

Though the JNTO endeavors to ensure the information is accurate, users of the information are to act on such using their own judgement and at their own risk.