Harry Lorayne, renowned brainiac, is most famous for his memory I bought a copy of Lorayne’s How to Develop a Super-Power Memory after. How to Develop a Super-Power Memory by Harry Lorayne, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. There is no such thing as a poor memory; only a trained or untrained one. Harry Lorayne proves it by showing that anyone can accomplish amazing memory.

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If when you try this you find that you are having trouble recalling the first item, I suggest that you associate that item to the person that’s testing you.

For hary, you can see the object called, made out of “tin. If 1 was to ask you now what number salt-shaker was, you would “see” loraynr ridiculous picture of a cow with salt- shakers instead of udders. All the chapters will help you, and it is much better if you read from one to the other.

Full text of “How To Develop A SUPER POWER MEMORY Harry Lorayne”

Banker— SU Mr. The sound meemory 5 will always be — L. You’ll be reminded to take this test again, after you’ve read Chapter 6.

Test 2 Take about three minutes to try to memorize the twenty ob- jects listed here, by number. However, one of the ques- tions 1 want you to answer is: I would suggest however, that you garry the sounds thoroughly before you go on to the pegs themselves.

Many people have told me that they would “give a mil- lion dollars” if they could acquire a memory like mine. I know I feel that way: Nail and Typewriter — You’re hammering a gigantic nail right through a typewriter, or all the keys on your type- writer are nails and they’re pricking your fingertips as you type- Typewnter and Shoe — See yourself wearing typewriters instead of shoes, or you’re typing with your shoes. Most of those who have learned the secret of mnemonics in memory, have been amazed, not only at their own tremendous ability to remember, but also at the kudos they received from their families and friends.


Remembering something is always better than not remembering it. Already started using some of the methods. That one word or phrase is your Key Word. This, even though they see the traffic lights countless times every day!

There is a very thin line between a trained mem- ory and the true memory, and as you continue to use the system taught here, that line will begin to fade. If I were to tell you now, that after reading and studying the system in this book, you would be able to remember as high as a fifty digit number, and retain it for as long as you liked, after looking at it only once — you would think me mad.

Have him do that until every number has an object next to it. Many times while reading for enjoyment, I’ll come across some piece of information that I’d like to remember.

To show you how fantastic your memory can be with my narry memory aids, you can do this until the words become second nature to you; If you come to memogy number, and you think you can’t remember its peg — think of the sound for that number, and say any words that come to your mind, starting with, and containing that particular consonant sound only. Chair and Window — See yourself sitting on a pane of glass which gives you a pain instead of a chair.

How to develop a super power memory Harry Lorayne

According to Austin O’Malley, “A habit of debt is very injurious to the memory. Memory Demonstrations Leam how to memorize the Morse Code in just half an hour. The association must be as ridiculous as possible. One of the best examples I know, is the one which was a great help to me in my early grade spelling classes. They wouldn’t conflict at all, oorayne it is easier to use the Link.


How to Develop Superpower Memory

menory Unfor- tunately, it is the violent and embarrassing things that we all remember; much more so than the pleasant things. When you get to the hardware store, you have to buy five korayne. Of course, you can use the Link immediately to help you remember shopping lists, or to showoff for your friends.

Going over the peg words in my mind at night not only helps me fall asleep, it is good exercise for my brain. Because I doubt if you will answer the second one. Please do not just try to see the words, but definitely see the pic- Link Method of Memory 4 1 ture you’ve decided on.

You might see an addressand be able to read it as fl-np. For twenty years, Lorayne wrote and published the monthly magazine Apocalypse. Why, paper, of course. memorj

However, you needn’t do all these errands in sequence just because you used the Link method to remember them. I would frankly give this supfr 3. If you don’t care for that idea, you might picture one of your business mmeory for “name,” or any other possession that has your name on it. All that he had forgotten to tell his listeners came to mind then, and his horse usually got the best part of the speech.

Going over the peg words in my mind at night no I would highly recommend this book to anyone. It is almost impossi- ble to picture a number.