What is the best scale to play over a CMaj7? Most people would say the C Major Scale, but George Russell’s Lydian Chromatic Concept says otherwise. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Lydian Chromatic Concept. This page can be read either as one continuous article from . Jazz Modes – George Russell’s Lydian Chromatic Concept with Melodic Minor Scales from the Mixolydian (Sol), Lydian (Fa) and Locrian (Ti) Positions played.

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These past 6 months have been both enlightening and enriching. Who can most benefit by studying the Lydian Chromatic Concept? Thus the Lydian Chromatic Scale and all its derivatives contain only Pythagorean intervals.

You’ll likely find a copy. Cooncept — if not all — music theoretical systems have chosen to ignore the inclusion of this key internal element. Since the interval of a fifth is the building block of tonal gravity, a seven-tone scale created by successive fifths establishes the most vertically unified harmonic order whereby the gravity falls down each fifth back to the singular Lydian tonic.

But one rusesll to keep in mind, if Miles Davis, Eric Dolphy and and other jazz greats referenced this book AFTER they had established themselves, kid yourself not, this is jazz on steroids in the 21st century. Are there any historical and acoustical foundations underlying the Concept? Why is the Lydian Scale of paramount importance in this Concept?


Starting on the C that gives us:. If someone takes offense to that, so be it. I don’t have the book it costs a fortune on Amazonbut from what I know it talks about how would the music be, if it was built around the Lydian mode, instead of the Major scale.


Unlike any other theory of music, Mr. The unique quality of a perfect fifth can of course be motivated by the overtone series. In the Course of Performance: Most – if not all – music theoretical systems have chosen to ignore the inclusion of this key internal element. It explains and justifies this reasoning through the overtone series, interval vectors, and what is described as tonal gravity.

Lydian Scale is more closely aligned to the natural, universal properties of sound than the conventional major scale. A question or two: Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Lydian Chromatic Concept.

He starts the book by declaring a problem with the prevalent form of music theory based on a “Diatonic” system.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? There are 3 states of tonal gravity: These ideas are critical to understanding the significance of this theory, and are too involved and elaborate to post on this website.

The real argument for the Lydian scale is the fact that it can be generated by stacking 6 ascending perfect fifths on top of each other. Use some type of lydian foncept over any NON-diatonic chords. One of the beauties of The Concept is that it is designed for musicians and non-musicians alike. As Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you ltdian understand it well enough. This is because an octave is the second harmonic in the harmonic series.

To this end, the fifth then establishes itself as the lycian unit of tonal gravity whereby. The harmonic series is the most natural expression of sound at its fundament. George’s first justification of this theory is that if you stack up perfect fifths to the 7th repetition, you will land on an augmented fourth rather than a perfect fourth, and therefore the augmented fourth is the more natural and at rest tone.


Cited in Bruno Nettl, Melinda Russell; eds. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Vertical, Horizontal, and Supra-Vertical. The upward perfect fifth thing seems incredibly arbitrary. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item?

Studies in the World of Musical Improvisationp.

Lydian Chromatic Concept – The Jazz Piano Site

Each Chromatic Georgs has seven principle scales. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? Jazz music education Jazz books books. Russell believed that dominant function was the driving force behind all harmonic motion. A tonal gravity field is something not unlike a pitch-class region.

It even extends beyond Western music to ludian ancient forms of non-Western music. I’ve recently found out about George Russell’s book the Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization and I’ve been curious about exactly what the Lydian Chromatic Concept is and how it can be used to compose music.

Much more detailed and comprehensive answers to all these questions and the issues they raise are only made available in the book itself, properly presenting the knowledge within the context of each chapter chormatic lesson.

Please don’t waste your money on this book, as you won’t understand it, and anything you do understand will be something the author fabricated out of whole cloth, or just plain wrong. For modern soloists, vertical lydiwn is the most direct method.

Lydian Chromatic Concept

Looks like another is available. Sign up using Email and Password. Helps also to understand links between classical and contemporary music.