Path of the Warrior written by Gav Thorpe is the first book in the Path of the Eldar Series. It follows Korlandril, starting from the Path of the Artisan, to and through. Gav Thorpe . Death was no stranger to those that trod the Path of the Warrior. turned to Ulthanesh, second greatest warrior of the eldar, sword-bearer, raven-. Bellarius takes a look at the first installment of the recently ended Path of the Eldar series by Gav Thorpe and published by Black Library.

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It goes into the eldar background in a very deep way. While the setting and themes will call to fans of the 40K universe, the plot is not overly original and the battles can get a bit tedious as they try to include as much of the Eldar force as possible rather than focusing just on the actions of the Striking Scorpion squad.

As a species, the Eldar are in decline across the galaxy. Thankfully Gav Thorpe adds a lot of interesting detail and does a good job of portraying beings that don’t think or deal with emotions the way we do. However what really drags this book down though is the bits surrounding the humans themselves. However, once Korlandril actually goes to war, it is over rather quickly. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Path of the Warrior by Gav Thorpe – FictionDB

However Thorpe has written better books than this one so don’t judge him on this book alone. Read reviews that mention gav thorpe path of the warrior black library main character eldar race aspect warriors interested in the eldar read this book eldar book reading about the eldar korlandril gzv protagonist craftworld humans war action alien universe warhammer.

Nov 14, Callum Shephard rated it it was ok.

But it also feels trite with less details then I would have thought. Yes, the craftworld is invaded. Nonetheless, it thorppe the 40k fans or the Eldar fans to read and understand why there is a need for paths, and what happened to those who tread the path of the warrior,those that heed khaine’s call.


This is the first in a trilogy, and I might be tempted to continue since the aspects I didn’t like appear to have been erased. Nov 10, Alexander Draganov rated it it was amazing. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading.

All good geek satisfaction. This initially sounds good until you see how it is implemented, by having the protagonist think back thirty seconds and realise what he has done. Now, Korlandril was an awesome main character, and getting to see his evolution from Sculptor to Warrior and beyond was remarkable. But when his best friend makes a critic for his statue and the poet, Tirianna, rejects him, he becomes a Warrior.

Write a customer review. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. I knew the basics, that they follow paths to keep their lives simple and basic, and to keep themselves from becoming too decident. The story is about Korlandril who at the start of the novel is an artist. This created some rather tortuous moments throughout the novel, where Korlandril became a significant unsympathetic character and I almost put the book down in frustration as a result. To combat their reversal of fortunes and bring their lives back on track so they could survive in a much more hostile galaxy, the species divided its communal life along the guidelines of the Path.

Don’t have a Kindle? The characters are very stale and the protagonist is the most unlikable, whiney and annoying of them all.

Bechareth was an a To be honest, I had high expectations going into this book and this book series in generaland Gav Thorpe did not disappoint! And I certainly enjoyed it to a degree, enough at least that I am looking forward to continuing with the rest of the series. Thorpe does an amazing job of illuminating how the Eldar really work: Bellarius takes a look at the first installment of the recently ended Path of the Eldar series by Gav Thorpe and published by Black Library.

Path of the Warrior (Warhammer 40, : Eldar, book 1) by Gav Thorpe

The way the Path is explained feel What a travesty this book is. It was better than I thought it would be.


An alien eldar sets upon the Path of the Warrior. Let this be made clear — this would be the equivalent of attacking major imperial sector command base.

warriod It only takes him two battles to reach the end of his path and become an exarch. I liked the creation mythos bits and the Path that each eldar takes is individual and to some degree freely chosen. Path of the Eldar Omnibus Paperback. Want to Read saving…. When describing the protagonist, Path or the Warrior is not a bad novel, but I was torn about whether or not to give it 2 or 3 stars.

Path of the Warrior

If you want to read a good Eldar story, from the Eldars perspective then grab Valedor by Guy Halley instead. Dec patu, James Kelly rated it did not like it. There is little direct action in the novel and it is instead very much a philosophical story, as befits the Eldar that is about. Because I do not have an extensive past in Warhammer 40k, I cannot comm When I purchased this book with the purpose of reconnecting with my father through his old passions, one of them being Warhammer 40k, Thorppe was not expecting to read great fiction, which is often the sort of writing I expose myself to.

The first third is him deciding to change, the second third focuses on his training, and the final third his time as an Exarch leader of a unit. Once on this path we see some pretty brilliant illustration of how the paths work, what brings the various personality types to the thr Aspect Warrior shrines. For Warhammer 40k fans and lovers of sci fi action, you really should give this first book of the triology a try. It’s worth a look for gwv that want to get some insights into Eldar.

Was a good read and worth the time