This page contains the US Army Field Manual on The Infantry Battalion. FM INFANTRY FIELD MANUAL. RIFLE BATTALION. This manual, together with FM , June 2, and FM 7 May , supersedes FM Topics enemy, battalion, commander, operations, infantry, force, combat, support, units, Identifier milmanual-fmthe-infantry-battalion.

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Combat Service Support System Principles of Combat Service Support Support Relationships and Missions However, a skillful leader, using the right combination of maneuver, firepower, and protection within a sound operational plan, can turn combat potential into real combat power. Suppression of Enemy Air Defense This is the movement of forces, relative to the enemy, to secure or retain a positional advantage. Sequence of the Defense Understanding and using a common doctrine and military language enhances synchronization.

FM The Infantry Battalion – Table of Contents

This gives depth to the battalion and provides the commander with a form to counterattack and completely destroy the enemy. The senior engineer unit leader advises the battalion commander on employing his engineer innfantry.

Integration of Combat Support The S2 is responsible for collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information about the enemy and the area of interest.


It involves mental, command and control, and organizational abilities to adjust rapidly and to use the situation, terrain, and weather to defeat the enemy. This is the ability to set or change the terms of battle through action.

The first includes all actions taken to make 7-200 friendly unit hard to find or destroy. The second component includes all actions taken to keep soldiers healthy and maintain their fighting morale, and to diminish the impact of severe weather.

Commanders translate their initiative into action by issuing mission-type orders. Defense of a Strongpoint Conduct of a Breakout from Encirclement Supplies must be delivered as close to the user as possible. These actions include security, camouflage, deception, suppression, and mobility. Also, leaders must verify the soundness of all tactical operations to prevent fratricide. The FSO helps the commander plan and coordinate fire support assets.

All units must report information obtained in the normal course of operations. Enter Your Email Address. The infantry is most effective when visibility, observation, and fields infanttry fire are limited; and when it must fight in close combat.

FM 7-20 The Infantry Battalion

The fundamental combat mission of the infantry battalion, regardless of the type of battalion, is to close with the enemy by means of fire and maneuver to destroy or capture him or to repel his assaults by fire, close combat, and counterattack. Air Defense Weapons Systems Leaders must set the example in all areas. Ground Surveillance Radar Conduct of a Relief Safety is a key element of protection. Sign In Sign Out. To do this without jeopardizing the higher plan requires that the commander understand and work within the intent of the commander two levels up.


The effects of maneuver may also be achieved without movement of friendly forces by allowing the enemy to move into a bad position such as into an ambush or a stay-behind operation.

Defense from a Battle Position Antiarmor Company and Platoons These orders in turn give subordinate commanders the flexibility, within the scope of their commander’s intent, to improvise and act aggressively to accomplish assigned missions and defeat the enemy. Other protective measures include moving during limited visibility and adverse weather conditions, and using effective camouflage techniques.

The battalion commander controls by being on the battlefield where he can see, feel, and command the battle.