Engines of Creation The Coming Era of Nanotechnology · K. Eric Drexler. Anchor Books, See also: Engines of Creation Engines of Creation: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology. K. Eric. Drexler, Anchor Books, Doubleday, (downloaded from. The Engines of Creation: Eric Drexler. Molecular-sized robots, or nanotechnology , sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but with our technological capabilities.

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Janet rated it it was amazing Jun 21, Space travel is only realistic thanks to the new materials. Drexler examines the enormous implications of these developments for medicine, the economy, and the environment, and makes astounding yet well-founded projections for the future.

Engines of Creation: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology

For example, a spacelift that is first used to build orbital stations. Published September 16th by Anchor first published An updated version of the book, Engines of Creation 2. There are no limits to nanotechnology. Drexler was awarded a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Molecular Nanotechnology the first degree of its kind; his dissertation was a draft of Nanosystems. Predicting future behavior of a bureaucracy is much less interesting.

Which raises the question of how to exclude today, that this is not precisely what is happening to us since a very long time without even noticing it. His predictions about ‘hypertext’, the internet, seemed so quaint. The book spends a lot of time discussing the risks of the nanotechnology revolution along with motigation strategies. Setzt ein Alterungsprozess ein, wird er von den emsigen Helfern umgekehrt.

Today’s internet is far larger, far more dynamic, far more connected, than he imagined. Smalley has engaged in open debate with Drexlerattacking the views presented for what he considered both the dubious nature of the science behind them, and the misleading effect on the public’s view of nanotechnology.


Whitesides have been particularly critical. Drexler goes in to depth on explaining the great potential in nano tech, backing his predictions up with numerous pages of notes and references.

Except that out of the source code, programs and algorithms instead enginees images, videos, and words universes, dimensions, multiverses, and parallel universes are formed. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The book and the theories it presents have been the subject of some controversy. I won’t spoil it for you. Oder eine Drecler in ferner Zukunft verwendet die noch kleineren Nachfolger von Nanorobotern, um direkt im Gehirn die Gedanken, Emotionen und Meinungen der Menschen zu kontrollieren.

No trivia or quizzes yet. This is one of the books that “started it all.

Engines of Creation 2.0: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology

Feynman was the first to introduce the idea, but it was Drexler that really ran with it. It should be considered required reading for libertarian philosophers. Ergo, unless you – like me – drrxler an interest in nanotechnology beyond such infamous fictional instances as Steven Armstrong’s “Nanomachines, son.

He is currently working in a collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund to explore nanotechnology-based solutions to global problems such as energy and climate change.

Engines of Creation – K. Eric Drexler

If we don’t transform our institutions, culture, and perceptions to be in pace with the development of technology, technology may spin out of our control. Open Preview See a Problem? If Drexler’s predictions about the internet are a guide then our nanomolecular future will be bright.


Dec 30, Faith rated it it was amazing Shelves: Die Raumfahrt wird durch die neuen Werkstoffe erst realistisch. His writing seeps with optimism, which can undermine credibility, but creatin this instance, that optimism has a wonderful charm.

That intelligence and consciousness could not have developed without receiving midwifery this way. To accelerate the healing process, another model of robots transports pharmaceutical agents directly to the injury. Reminded me of the ‘s when we expected technology would solve all future woes. No extra waste of energy or long transport paths will be necessary if everything can be built on demand within a short time. Ovylord rated it it was erif Apr 08, To view it, click here.

Certainly, we seem to be approaching limits ever Beautifully bonkers, Drexler’s optimistic, visionary tract seems absurdly far fetched nowadays.

Hard to believe that creationn book is so old, but the predictions are dead on in terms of AI, nanotech, and the internet. Trivia About Engines of Creati Drexler takes a Malthusian view of exponential growth within limits to growth. Unfortunately, in his portrait of hypertext perfection he didn’t predict internet trolling, toxic comments sections, and expansive amounts of useless content.

Drexler and the late nanotech pioneer and Nobel laureate Dr. There is only sound speculation, written by someone who knows exactly what he is talking about.