Yumpu PDF Downloader. LoGun – Endgame. Print as pdf. All rights reserved to PANIC BUTTON! – Emergency Reboot Motivation · ADD OR UPDATE DAY COUNTER BADGE. Notice: Block pornographic subreddits. Seems like it is available here! I’d recommend this book, can’t recommend “End Game” because I’ve never read it, and probably never will.

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I read the entire thing in 2 sittings. Definitely need more Products like this.

It will teach you techniques in identifying, understanding and overcoming those barriers and be the person that you really want.

The conversations take endgane at various intervals over the course of a number of months. It’s outside the scope of this review to delve too far into what all his ideas are, but a few things are worth pointing out. Learn more about ebook formats and e-readers.

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Reviewed by Nick January 25, Every time tried my best I wasn’t reaching the results that they claimed and I always looked for ways to improve myself and I only ended up being a jerk in the eyes of women with no sex from it. Logun Basically describes how Learning Pick-up is the exact reason why we don’t have “Amazing” Relationships to ourselves and Women. The Language of Lust.


The general idea is that people vibrate at different levels of consciousness depending on how far along the pathway they are, and that everything in the universe can be assigned a number between 1 and enndgame on it’s level of consciousness.

But, since applying the concepts in the new Endgame, I can truly say that my life is changed.

A lot of bashing of the seduction community based off of gross generalizations. I just lied on my bed and fuckin cried. We were unable to complete your request.

Endgame Reviews

And of course, I started having fun with the And when I finally managed to lofun through that barrier that was blocking and hiding the truth, I started to cry. So like many of the guys you work with I looked for refuge in the PUA community. After 6 months of trying, failing, getting back up off the ground and trying all over again, I found it. At the point when I purchased the book, I gave up on trying to get women.

Reviewed by Andrew February 12, After reading it I already feel a passion and drive to do the kinds of things I want and am starting to live my life moment by moment. How can I use this format? If you want to be authentic and straight with women. It is great read so far, feels more logyn a llgun than a self help guide.


LoGun – Endgame | Yumpu PDF Downloader

How fake i have been. Similar to Iron John and with parables uttered by wise men many years ago, EndGame is a story. The book is largely over-written and is quite a dense read. Doing – Pathway 3: My entire world started to crumble and fall apart. Every other guy I met was content to learn structures, memorise routines, and sacrifice their entire belief system for the comfort of a warm body next to them for an empty and hollow night.

Yumpu PDF Downloader

I just wanted to tell you how thankful the world should be to have someone like you. It is a profound book. That has definitely been a giant step.