EMDEX (Essential Medicines InDEX) is the most commonly used reference source of drug and therapeutic information by healthcare professionals in Nigeria . Emdex, (), The Complete Drug Formulary, Healthy Professionals, Lph, American Journal of Medical Sciences and Medicine. , Vol. 2 No. 2, EMDEX MEASUREMENT EQUIPMENT AND ACCESSORIES. EMDEX Accessories (E-Probe, LINDA Wheel, Amp-Logger, EMCALC Software). EMDEX.

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Assessment of electromagnetic field levels from surrounding high-tension overhead power lines for proposed land use. Power frequency magnetic field exposures among nurses 0213 a neonatal intensive care unit and a normal newborn nursery. J Expo Sci Environ Epidemiol 11 16;26 6: The proposed delivery system consisted in a polymeric emmdex tablet containing a drug central core purposely designed for obtaining a time-controlled release profile characterized by an initial phase of lag-time followed by a controlled release phase, according to zero order kinetics.

EMDEX II – Low Frequency Magnetic Field Exposure System

ELF magnetic fields in electric and gasoline-powered vehicles. Write Your Own Review You’re reviewing: Improve your performance with relevant, valid material The aim of this exposure assessment study was to gain information about the exposure levels of adolescents in Israel to power frequency 50Hz magnetic fields MF through personal monitoring, and to provide reliable data for national policy development.

Radiat Prot Dosimetry ; 3: Page 1 of 2 Next. Linework jobs were further divided into the following four categories: Reduced excretion of a melatonin metabolite in workers exposed to 60 Hz magnetic fields. Epub Apr In order to investigate the possible interactions between the components, the DSC curves of c-DHEA and each selected excipient were compared with those of their 1: Occupational exposure of dentists to extremely-low-frequency magnetic field.


Attend a training course. Electric Power Research Institute] were analyzed. To measure and assess the levels of occupational exposure to power frequency electromagnetic fields in workers of power grid. Am J Ind Med Dec;34 6: Ascorbic acid tablets were formulated by the direct compressive method at constant temperature and pressure.

The present study was aimed at developing a novel sodium diclofenac formulation for colonic release.

Swift access to clinical drug information with or without internet. For the purposes of exposure classification, telephone company jobs were initially divided into two classes: Bioelectromagnetics ;13 5: Epub Feb This survey was designed to measure the mean and peak MF magnitudes at extremely fmdex frequencies ELFsso that factories could be ranked by MF levels and prioritized for subsequent personal exposure monitoring.

Little is known about the real everyday exposure of 2031 in Europe to extremely low-frequency magnetic fields ELF-MFs. Occupational magnetic field exposure among women in Stockholm County, Sweden.

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Reduced physical activity levels in healthy pregnancies may affect measured exposure and thus bias results. To define a protocol for surrogate 22013 of magnetic field exposure by questionnaire, a series of spot and hour measurements was made at 50 houses in Avon, UK. Characterization of exposure to extremely low frequency magnetic fields using multidimensional analysis techniques.

Potential exposures to extremely low frequency ELF magnetic fields were investigated in response to worker concerns about an apparent increased spontaneous abortion risk in a payroll office environment.


Aggregation was induced in solid-state by incubating with moisture at 37 degrees C, or in solution by lyophilization, shaking or multiple passage through a needle. Epidemiology Sep;10 5: Development of enteric-coated pectin-based matrix tablets for colonic delivery of theophylline.

Participating women were asked to wear an EMDEX Lite magnetic field meter for a h period to obtain MF exposure level within 4 weeks following the abortion. Bioelectromagnetics Sep;27 6: Sixty-Hz magnetic field exposures were measured for 45 adult residents of Maine.

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Most epidemiological studies on adverse health effects among women in relation to occupational magnetic field exposure have been based on information about men’s exposure. Residential exposure assessment consisted of spot measures with EMDEX Enertech Consultants, Campbell, CA meters and wire codes emdez on characterization and location of nearby power lines.

This paper addresses one specific objective of the project: To create a job-exposure matrix for occupational exposure to extremely low frequency magnetic fields among women.

Hire an expert emded help you. Sci Total Environ Aug; Power-frequency electric and magnetic fields are known to exhibit marked temporal variation, yet in the absence of clear biological indications, the most appropriate summary indices for use in epidemiologic studies are unknown.