Ectophylla alba. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species e. TA TAen. The Honduran white bat (Ectophylla alba) is a species of bat in the family Phyllostomatidae. The only member of the genus Ectophylla, it is found in Honduras. Familia: Phyllostomidae Subfamilia: Stenodermatinae Tribus: Stenodermatini Genus: Ectophylla Species: Ectophylla alba.

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The less strict defense of T b shown by U.

However, these creatures are not looking to suck your blood—they only eat fruit or vegetation. Therefore, the males do not contribute to the offspring beyond mating. Thermal energetics of female big brown bats Eptesicus fuscus. Heliconia density is lower ectophhylla chosen leaves than would be expected if the bats selected leaves randomly.

At night, Honduran white bats use echolocation in order to find fruit which is their main source of food. In a roost, one male mates with the five females in that roost and each female has a single pup.

Brown fruit-eating bat A. Banana bat Musonycteris harrisoni. Our results show that when a heat source is present tents alva heat better than a UML. Ecctophylla relative to other genera [2]. Please join our alliance to keep forests standing: The control leaf UML was chosen so ectlphylla it had approximately the same size, shape, and height from the ground as the tent.


Ecology of an exceptional roost: The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

Ectophylla alba – # | American Society of Mammalogists

Boinski and Timm, ; Timm, Anti-predator Adaptations cryptic Known Predators owls Strigiformes snakes Serpentes opossums Didelphinae raptors Accipitridae squirrel monkeys Saimiri oerstedi Ecosystem Roles Honduran white bats are only one of four members of the family Phyllostomidae endemic to Central America.

It has been proposed that individuals give birth in April and September, and that estrus occurs post-parturition.

To build both PI and IB tents, bats make cuts parallel to the central vein of the leaf. AfricachimpanzeeconservationfilmIn the Fieldlab chimpsLiberiaPrimatesprimatologyrehabilitationtrue storywildlifewildlife filmWildscreen Festival.

Its species name ” alba ” comes from Latin ” albus abla meaning “white. The tents and UMLs were suspended from the ceiling at —cm from the floor, and a Watt light bulb Phillips —V with Lumens and Insular single leaf bat M.


Ectophylla alba

The Honduran white bat primarily uses the leaves of Heliconia plant species, but may also use the leaves of Calathea and Ischnosiphon alva 7. Init was discovered that the Hondoran white bat uses carotenoids to produce the yellow-orange coloration of its ears, nose-leaf, and lips.

The ectophy,la of Ectophylla alba and Uroderma bilobatum Chiroptera: In addition, no feces were found in the chambers. Neotropical Rainforest Mammals 2 ed. Ecology57 2: Once the females have had their pups, males will go off and join a bachelor roost with other males, while the females remain in their maternity roost.

Ectophylla alba – #386

In this equation, the temperature of the shelter is inversely related with energy expenditure of the individual. Description Ectophylla alba in hand. We obtained a total of 20 measurements.

The phyllostomid bats, Ectophylla alba and Vampyrum spectrum, in Costa Rica. Timm and Mortimer, ; Timm, BATS Magazine20 4: