Looking for a Mori Seiki Duravertical VMC? We just listed this Mori Seiki Duravertical It’s under power and ready for inspection!. The salesman stopped by yesterday talking up the Duravertical for us, and I’ m curious if anyone has any real world opinions on them. Mori-Seiki DuraVertical Newest CNC Mill at Zimmerman Metals, Inc. CONTACT US. KEY FEATURES; PHOTOS. Travel: ″ (x) x ″ (y) x ″ (z).

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Duravrrtical 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Just seems easier to me to square up Z to the table, then to square up X and Z to duraverticao table. Don’t know if that’s the case but here’s some background. Hicells made of cheese. Sign In Sign Up. CoolJet is late on a few systems for some of my customers with brand new machines so make sure you get that worked out if getting psi. DMG, I could count on one hand after an accident with a bandsaw how many I know of in companies.

Nice all round combo of speed power and tq if you ask me, and big plus is icing on the cake.

It’s treated me pretty good considering it had been abused at an automobile plant for 8 years before I got my hands on it.


Results 1 to 20 of The Okuma M is made in Japan. On what planet has Mori “finally merged in both name and practice” with Hitachi?

The delima with buying a DuraVertical, is that while it’s unquestionably a great machine, it’s a five year old design about to become “the old model” possibly impacting resale in five years. I’ve been impressed with duraveftical so far.

G08 is standard, but if you want look ahead and other things again get all of that worked out up front.

I can’t knock either of those machines. It can always be added later if needed since the hookup comes standard. Look-Ahead is the lowest form of processing control G8. Hopefully Dr Mori’s dream doesn’t turn into a nightmare Duracertical the Genos likely is some sort of copy of that made in Taiwan, or other Even their slant bed lathes aren’t what they used to be.

The Genos durqvertical a real nice machine. Big things I would demand on a machining center.

The genos is based on the mb platform with fewer options. They were cutting 3d shapes in a block of tool steel.

Other than that I think you will be happy. But at least you are right to mention the tool retention. I don’t know HSK tooling sizes or much about it It’s the little things like that which make life easier down the road.


Duravertical opinions – Machining, Tools, Cutting & Probing –

So far the only differences I see are in the sheet metal. I assume he really means “We finally got people to stop calling us looking for Hitachi parts”. I also have an amada bandsaw that’s made in taiwan. Durabertical of the big companies are taking advantage of cheaper labor rates to offer lower cost products.

Mori DuraVertical vs.

Mori Seiki Duravertical 5100

I just know that my customer was so aggravated with the performance and accuracy that they made Ellison take them back. This would be perfect for machining hard steels. Register a new account. I don’t know where the DMG line is duraveftical, but at the time of my purchase of the Duraturn in ’07 the Dura line was made entirely in Japan along side all of their other models.

I was curious as to where the Captains were made, interesting. It really is a good machine, and with a new model coming out soon you might be able to squeeze them on price. Couldn’t use a 12mm cutter when milling – the thing would shake like it had parkinsons.