As long as you don’t make it freely available online to everyone (some of the PDFs get watermarked with the name of the buyer, so they can. In that case I’d give it a pass. Has anyone made any experiences with this? If the DriveThruRPG watermark shows on the prints, are there other. When I first started buying books on RPGNow, there were no watermarks. Suddenly, within the past few years, every book suddenly has.

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I log on and download things from 3 different personal computers, so I’m pretty sure there’s nothing stopping you from having people log in separately or just emailing the PDF to everyone else after buying it. Unfortunately, copyright law is screwed in more ways than one when it comes to original intention drivethrjrpg the drivethrhrpg to protect and recoup costs of development.

Anybody farming the book out isn’t going to pass around their account password instead of the PDF itself A question about DrivethruRPG self.


If there isn’t, then to be honest, you can pretty much use it how you like. Hell has frozen over. The moment a copy is held by more than one person regardless of whether they are viewing it or not you’ve violated copyright. It has resulted in several sales that I am sure would not have happened without sharing, and I have never distributed them beyond my gaming group. He doesn’t want to be a pirate, so I let him know he’d be a pirate. I’m thinking of it as an easier way to handle sharing the book without having to pass around a physical copy between games and at the table, but I certainly don’t want to do anything like piracy.


Want to add to the discussion? I had to first uncompress the PDF document in order to be able to find the watermark and replace it with sed.

And apparently, that 30 dollar price is half the “regular” suggested price for the PDF which is marked at 60 dollars on that site.

Will the DriveThruRPG pdf watermark print? – WFRP Gamemasters – FFG Community

Pinocchio, the Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Snow White, and on and on and on are all drawn from our culture, from the public domain. I need to remove some stupid email watermark that expands wateemark all pages of a public domain book.

These days, it seems to be the other way around.

I doubt the drivehrurpg makes any difference between sharing copies with 1 or 10, people, and regardless, it’s a shitty move against the creators of the book. Yeah, that’s our main problem with the PDF.

I’m a strong proponent of encouraging developers. Disney is a great example of why we need things to go into the public domain.

Legally this is a violation of copyright law. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Well, you’re entitled to your opinion about sharing books with players. And is this an okay thing to do? It’s a different, and definitely more expensive game.


Technically having a copy of a document printed for ease of reading or on your tablet or where ever is technically void of copyright law. Seriously, what the actual fuck.

Ideally sharing a PDF should be no different then passing around a hard copy book at a table. Hense copyright law comes in and makes sense because it’s for monitary gain. Alternatively, there might be legal workarounds. Rather it has to do with deterrance. Watfrmark wouldn’t expect a single person to buy it, so it’s definitely not reasonable for everyone in a single gaming group to buy a copy If your talking about the Fate core rule book it’s pay what you want anyhow so everyone can get a wahermark at no cost.

A question about DrivethruRPG : rpg

I think I’ll just see if the group is willing to order a physical copy or something. Lending a physical, dead-tree book is completely different.

Originally Posted by maddman I’m totally opposed to what DT does now, personally