Results 1 – 11 of 11 TOME 1. by DR S. CHIAPPALONE JOSEPH and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Joseph Chiappalone is medical doctor (GP) located in Australia, who says he was relayed critical insights and information while aboard an. Dr Joseph Chiappalone in Stanthorpe, QLD, Business contact details for Dr Joseph Chiappalone including phone number, reviews & map location.

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He may just be waking up, so be patient. What happened to Jordan is a different fish, im not hostile to Joseph in any way. Spirit knows the way, No craft needed. Df about what, that i dident make a backup, or that he dident get his permission? I would think the same thing would happen down under. How about this one: I will wait and see before I condemn him on this matterand not throw him under the bus because of one internet article based on what one person claims happens. Why do you continue to recite it.

A triad is polytheistic. Furthermore, Scholars do not know for certain if Natalis Invictiwas or was not used chiappqlone reference to Christ as some Roman Christians called Jesus the Unconquered as well. I really have little respect for people who judge people on there biased opinion who hide behind a screen name chiappaline throw grenades.

Joseph Chiappalone: UFOs and the End of the Ages | OffPlanet Radio

I like this saying a lot: Bill, you should also bring this up with Afshin at his thread https: This is the thing. Then you and Fake Mercy can ask him questions. I never said he was born on Dec 25th, religion did. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Predators like Dr Chiappalone use and take advantage of the vulnerable at every opportunity made available, in any way possible.


I am just bringing up a point that I have mentioned more than once which you ignore. All you can do is put up anti Christian videos that cater to angst riddled teenagers.

Joseph Chiappalone: UFOs and the End of the Ages

Maybe there is a reason you will be soon homeless? Do you a problem with that, or are you a phoney who hides behind a blog that you use to slander people, I sure he will come on. Christianity renders paganism irrelavant and impotent Like Like.

Sorry to butt in. I quote verses from the Bible you claim you believe, and you chia;palone say I am cherry picking scriptures. And all the money, is totaling to around 5,5 dollars right now.

Chiaopalone doctor Joseph Chiappalone began a two-month affair with the woman in July after treating her professionally on three occasions. How dare you talk about me making money after the massive work i have put into the website, you have no idea what it takes, to make a website of this magnitude. You make this statement:. What is up with that? The visitors that have been coming here today are more interested in my info on Russell Brand and TM. Turning a blind joweph to what false teachers do and say.


Also, the person spends a great deal of time staring in the mirror rather than observing others in the world.

I can assure you, viability is not dependent upon being drawn to your message. I find it not unusual how Christians like you cry foul when anyone questions their beliefs as: God allowed for the possibility of evil so that we could genuinely have a free will and choose whether or not we wanted to serve Him.

It was posted at the cafe for a long time after it was removed from the Icke forum as I had copied it, I am not sure if it is still up over there.

Funny, I never see Dr C promoting what he says for money beyond his books. One is chkappalone Chiappalone, the other is about the David Icke forum. From grandiose claims of being chosen by aliens to save a specific group of people, to programming and handling others to do his bidding.

They then rewrote the Bible as we know it today to be slaves to the jealous and evil God ,Yahweh. I am not calling people liars, and charlatans either like chippalone are, so please do not try to say I am no better. No, born from myrrh tree.