Get this from a library! Diversion planning: or how to navigate around the world using just a stopwatch and a pencil!. [Martyn Smith]. [Archive] PPL Diversions Private Flying. Alternatively, buy a copy of Diversion Planning by Martyn Smith for £ It solved everything for me. Diversion Planning or how to Navigate around the World using just a stopwatch and pencil. Smith, Martyn. Published by Published by the author, Price.

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Mon Aug 11, I once witnessed a student do a practice diversion while I was observing from the back. Environmental performance Our 3Di metric is an entirely new way of measuring environmental performance. Assuming you use the wind-down method, spin the computer round to the 8 compass points, and you can directly read off your plannng and drift angle. If Yes than follow it.

By the way this was Bakersfield planjing serious mountains fairly close by.

NATS is helping wind farm owners, developers and the industry to operate in harmony. If diverting per examiner, he wants to see some mental work in use. If it is to get to the nearest airport than the nearest function on the GPS is your first step.

Diversion Planning by Martyn Smith

Step two once you have turned around, ask for help on the radio! Good grief, how hard is it to do a if you have the vaguest idea of the smjth heading you had been following? You’ll be gobsmacked at how quickly they can locate you and give you a heading and distance to somewhere.

The only consistently useful bit of information for use in the air that all this preparation yields, is the bearings and distances and an approximation of the fuel used. The only smart thing I did that day was plan to follow a river to my destination instead of going direct. That way you will always know what ‘grid sector’ you are in.

But in power I can still remember a flight up from Florida with two remarkably calm and tolerant passengers, sailing people.

The Trouble with Pre-Flight Planning – NATS Blog

If you are in the poo it is surprising how hard brain failure can make even simple tasks like turning This worked for me during the PPL. Meet our people Our locations Events Vacancies. If it’s for weather then divert to somewhere the weather is better.


In my diversions it goes something like this: We both know it’s not your fault That doesn’t mean I’m not blaming you. Boy, was I glad there was an instructor in the RHS who could fly the airplane in the meantime. Because that’s where all the blinking lights and colorful displays are?: Take the ipaq-navman and load it with the new British VFR Scenery based on the aerial photography from get-mapping.

Lookout and look down for visually significant points to confirm track maintenance. I was flying IFR, with flight following, and went through a very rough and nasty front, only lasted 5 minutes but seemed like forever, and landed at Norfolk.

They’ll let you know where you are in seconds, with no hint of censure or blame. Vis was poor so it wasn’t trivial. Methods of Navigation If wind from the right, steer right 5 degrees.

No need for any studying or brainwork of any kind. How many of you Pprunes read about the fancy Cirrus with all the bells, whistles, navaids, gadgets, buttons etc which running into a few clouds not far from Shenington Gliding Club last year, spent a few minutes programming into his computer a turn to go back to Turweston Finally the single most important thing you can do to increase safety when flying a cross country is to carry and know how to use, a GPS.

I was still a fairly new pilot at the time and although I stayed calm I could feel how easy it would be to get worried. Blog Learn more about the great things we do from those who do them.

The biggest mistake to make when learning the ropes is to spend too much time worrying about your exact position at the expense of flying the aircraft. Considering the PA38 with 90kts cruising speed, things now become quite simple. Pre-flight planning also helps At the ripe old age of 17 it didn’t seem to be a big problem. PAul Edited to stop a smiley appearing where one wasn’t wanted! Personally I really enjoy practising diversions, you have to be on your toes to stay ahead of the situation.


You don’t care about groundspeed in knots, you just need it in minutes per mark on the chart. Once you have passed the ride come back to the boards and we can talk about how to navigate in the real world.

I have used and taught this for many years now with no problem of students keeping their head inside. But I get the impression that these things are a lot more anal in the UK Not really, the examiner wants to know you can divert OK and give a rough estimate on time – does not matter poanning it is a bit out as long as you adjust it, so if you have worked thumb lengths as 6 mins and they fly as 5 then adjust your eta accordingly and you should be OK, a lot of people do make it harder than it needs to be though.: Sat Mar 01, Perhaps they like me after all?

I had to do that to find my way back to Booker from Blackbush when it all got a bit fuggy Divegsion think if you circle for a while and stay calm you will figure out where emith. I think you have to seperate the PPL flight test from real world flying.

PPL Diversions [Archive] – PPRuNe Forums

I knew there was a serious weather problem when I realised the top third of the Tacolneston masts were in the cloud present chart gives them as ft agl, they might have been higher back then. Or you can estimate between smihh two nearest values for more accuracy. The wind-star should contain the drift for that particular heading along with the expected groundspeed. Actually, instead of a wind star I simply keep my E6B, with the wind zmith still plotted on it from creating the plog, in my tri-fold kneeboard.