In the prologue to Gaelen Foley’s latest novel, Devil Takes A Bride, we see a woman flying for her life. Her pursuers are members of a. Read a free sample or buy Devil Takes A Bride by Gaelen Foley. You can read this book with Apple Books on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or. Devil Takes A Bride is the latest installment in the Knight family saga by Gaelen Foley. Characters from the earlier novels play a supporting role in this one.

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Both the hero and the heroine were intelligent and it showed in their actions. There is a serious dark heavy edge to the tone and story that had me glued to my seat. But Lizzie has had her heart broken, and refuses to fall for another nobleman who would reject her love. So, their romance slowly grows, and I won’t say anymore to spoil it but I will say it was a very beautiful satisfying romance! But I gave this four stars, didn’t I? I liked how the author bloomed the relationship and how they felt in lo The fifth book of the series.

Dec 31, MountainKat rated it really liked it Shelves: Writing style is subjective, but hear me out. Naturally I couldn’t put this book down because of that.

But now he has uncovered the dark truth behind the so-called accident and swears retribution. The table was richly laid, the dining room a setting of luxurious elegance for the unspoken interplay between the two of them. The subplot with Lizzie’s Season, and her being Society’s Original, Incomparable and a Toast seemed way too contrived. I’m sorry for sounding so damn sappy but there it is. Wonderful pacing and story telling. I also thought that the ending didn’t fkley enough time between Devlin and his long-lost sister he hasn’t takse for 12 years, Sarah.

Devil Takes A Bride — All About Romance

For me, Devlin was the epitome of the romantic hero. Here’s a lil plot recap So Elizabeth is the governess of an 80 year old dragon lady. Lizzie keenly observes the cold, icy look in his eyes when he talks about taies parents’ death, and even notices that only her presence is capable of bringing warmth back in his eyes. Then, to his astonishment, his eccentric aunt’s will forces him and Lizzie together, and Devlin finds his path to vengeance blocked by the stubborn but oh-so-tempting Miss Carlisle.



I was rather sad when Alec hurt Lizzie so badly at the end of book 4, but Dev turned out to be far more than just a consolation prize. He sees in Lizzie a kindred spirit who understands him in a way no one else does except Aunt Augusta and Ben. She is not the heroine of this novel. I like plots with direction and devli with layers and conflicts that matter to the story as a whole. Knight Miscellany 7 books. Jan 31, Kimberly Carrington-Fox rated it liked it Shelves: Devlin suffers an unimaginable loss at the age of seventeen.

The secondary cast was equally as well-developed as Dev and Lizzie.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. But then she meets Devlin. He has long hair? These plot devices are used constantly in romances and stories, But the amount of stuff that txkes on in this story is just ridiculous.

He never comes to visit his elderly aunt, but the bills for his dissolute lifestyle are obscene. In the quiet English countryside, far from the intrigues of London, Lizzie Carlisle slowly mends her broken heart, devoting herself to her new position as lady’s companion to the Dowager Viscountess Strathmore – until her peaceful life is turned upside-down by a visit from ‘Devil’ Strathmore, the old woman’s untamed nephew – a dangerously handsome man whose wicked reputation hides a tortured soul.

Devil Takes A Bride

After being a virtual pirate oversees for 10 years, he comes back hell bent on avenging his family. You have a child molester who has a penchant for young attractive men, a rapist, a sharp shooter who happens to have an incestuous affair with his own sister and fathered her revil and thinks nothing of killing someone to cover his secrets.

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I couldn’t put my finger on what or why, but this story touched me deeply.

The characters, their haelen story, the never-ending plot full of twists and turns dealing with revenge, murder, secrets and oh yes a lovely love-triangle thrown in there too. He pretty much goes on a downward spiral of drinking, gambling and whoring as a rebellion after dropping out of school for a few years until he decides to uncover the real truth behind the accident. Devlin suffers an unimaginable loss at the age of seventeen, losing his parents and sister in an ‘accidental fire’.

In Lizzie, Devlin finds a kindred spirit. Little Miss Blue stocking with a kinky streak This book is chalk-full of surprises which is something I generally love to discover while reading.

And I really enjoyed seeing the Knight’s in this.

Devil Takes a Bride — book review

I did prefer some of the other books in the series. The novel actually spent time demonstrating why Devlin’s soul is so tortured. Jan 15, Courtney rated it did not like it Shelves: So why abandon him?

Some parts of her books are really good. Save my name, email, gawlen website in this browser for the next time I comment. Even though she thought she had failed in guiding him through his grief, she actually did far more for him that she may have known. Refresh and try again. Gaeleen 05, Shawna rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Which isn’t to say they were unfeeling, the emotions were very strong in this book.