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It is packaged with forged brass With DirectIndustry you can: Thank-you for your help. Rotary unions are used for operations that require coolant, lubricant or hydraulics. In addition, automatic car washes have spinners that require rotary unions to transmit high-pressure water into the spinning mechanisms.

Many rotary unions incorporate multiple ports, some of which are designed to handle different types of material simultaneously. The seal prevents the medium from leaking outside the rotary union while in operation.

Rotary union

Coil is further converted in processing centers that require hydraulic unions for actuation of mandrels. Seal types can vary from deuboin end face mechanical seal, non-pusher type end face mechanical seal, lip seals, and o-ring seals.

ynion Rotating Unions are used in many manufacturing processes to cool, heat or transfer fluid pneumatic or hydraulic power.

All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from February The slab is formed into coil or sheet. In addition, boom hoists, retrieving drums and bucket drum clutches each require rotary unions.

PT. Menara Alfasemesta – Deublin Rotating Union

Find a nearby distributor Contact knion manufacturer to get an estimate or a price Examine product characteristics and technical specifications of various top brands View PDF catalogs and other online documentation. Drilling rigs oil or gas use air clutches and brakes that require rotary unions. In the case of a rotary union with multiple inputs, chambers separated by seals keep the materials from inadvertently mixing.


Retrieved 5 November These mechanical gadgets are used to move liquid from a stationary Rotating Unions are also referred as rotary swivels, rotary couplings, rotary joints. Rubber is compounded on big industrial mixers which use rotary unions for water cooled rolls.

Our sales team are well placed to help you with your rotating union requirements, contact us with your enquiry via our contacts page. Evaluate the quality of the search results: The steel industry is one of the largest users of rotary unions primarily for continuous casting machines CCM which use rotary unions to cool the numerous rolls that support molten slabs as it moves by gravity through various segments onto a run-out table to downstream annealing and heat treating.

ELS unions use advanced materials such as tungsten carbide and silicon carbide to provide the best possible seal solution for the application.

These mechanical gadgets are used to move liquid from a stationary Once harvested, many crops will be processed with equipment that uses rotary unions.

In these cases the housing rotates at the rotry speed as the drum. There are two kinds of car wash facilities that use unions: Monoflow Self-supported rotating union Radial housing connection Balanced mechanical seal 3 vent holes Forged brass housing Stainless steel rotor Special options: Rotary unions are also heavily used in crude oil processing, the chemical industry, commercial food production, and pharmaceutical applications.


A rotary union will lock onto an input valve while rotating to meet an outlet. Converters use rotary unions for heating and cooling rolls, as well as winders with air clutches and unjon.

Maco Corporation (India) Pvt Ltd | DEUBLIN – Rotary Unions

Rotary unions typically are constructed from stainless steel to resist rust and corrosion, but many other metals can be involved like aluminum. In smaller rotary unions the housing is stationary. It has radial housing connection and an independent rotating union.

This page was last edited on 12 Decemberat This type of rotary union is often used in the manufacture of plastics and other petroleum products, unioon which multiple inputs may need to be streamlined, but kept separate. Equipment used in grain harvesting including combines, tractors, grain carts and threshers employ rotary unions.

DEUBLIN steam rotary unions

Subscribe to our newsletter. In many cases the shaft will turn with the drum or roll. There was a problem with your request. The device is equipped with three vent holes and runs through A rotary union rorary have only one bearing, but multiple bearing are much more common.