Another important development in the situation is the formation of the “Workers Front against the desafuero (impeachment) of AMLO”, to which. In Mexico, a desafuero is the removal of a public official’s privileged immunity Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), along with a request that the Mayor be. ¿Qué tan bueno o malo fue AMLO como jefe de Gobierno? .. formada por diputados del PRI y del PAN votó a favor del desafuero del Peje.

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President of Mexico —present.

The reality of the situation is that it protects the elected swindlers, crooks, and corrupt officials in the Mexican state from facing any legal charges for their activities. This announcement was refuted desafjero criminal law experts, since the Attorney General cannot drsafuero guilt or innocence, even less interpret the law; they cannot drop charges due to the nature of the offense and because charges were pressed by a private company, which has stated will follow the suit.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador – Wikipedia

The recent dessafuero intrigues in Mexico could be the spark that lights the flames of the Mexican revolution. La Jornada in Spanish. Mexican general election controversies. There was some concern on the part of the dedafuero class that if the decision to go ahead with the desafuero was made, that there would be mass demonstrations across the country — and no one was sure where this would lead.


Retrieved June 16, The ruling of the congressional committee, the behaviour of the PRD leaders, and the action of masses tell us a few things: Retrieved December 10, Sixty-three percent of those polled also said that the former candidate had lost credibility.

Archived from the original on 8 October Archived from the original on 23 August National Regeneration Movement nominee for President of Mexico The PRI has entered a crisis, and this reflects the crisis of Mexican capitalism. He also stated that if elected, he would firmly reject any intelligence activity from the United Statesincluding money and weapons in aid. Retrieved 13 December Following his proposed idea of decentralizing the nation’s cabinet away from Mexico City, he would move the National Institute of Migration to TijuanaBaja California.

En , Gabriela Cuevas le pagó la fianza a AMLO

This privilege is usually confused with the freedom of speech protection granted to members of congress by the 61st article, known malo fuero from Latin forumthe process to strip it is known as desafuero. It took the Chamber of Deputies nearly a year to consider the charges. The PRI holds the balance — not only in the lower house, but on the four-member committee as well.

You are here Home Mexico: This was probably the most widely attended political event in recent times, and comparable to the apolitical march against crime held two years before.

This argument resonated with many sectors of society long accustomed to suffer the selective enforcement of the law according to political or economic considerations. Retrieved 17 May Archived from the original on 26 January But no matter what the US does, it will be wrong and only further stoke the fiery anger of the masses.


Retrieved 20 September The scandal has spilled over into the US, where there are daily articles about the situation — and Obrador has been giving stark warnings from dessfuero mouthpieces of US imperialism.

Desafuero of Andrés Manuel López Obrador

The business community, in particular, began to fear that it would soon suffer from the instability stemming from this perceived attempt to bar a candidate because of a minor, disputed, non-pecuniary infraction. Demonstrations in defence of Obrador are being organized up and down the country which will go ahead no matter the ruling.

Archived from the original on 1 October Archived from the original on 11 February The policies of the Fox government are simply a carbon copy of the old PRI policies. Rank and file militants have formed committees in support of Obrador and rank and file committees of the PRD have been aklo as well.