: Madness at Gardmore Abbey: A Dungeons & Dragons Supplement : Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage (Adventure Book, D&D Roleplaying. The big maguffin/villain in Gardmore Abbey is the Deck of Many Things. This artifact is one of the most appealing in all of D&D, embracing the. Note: This article contains spoilers for Madness at Gardmore Abbey. the poster map from the D&D Starter Set if it makes things easier for you.

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Is it in another thread? Madness at Gardmore Abbey: Add tags Tags separate by space: Or done some preliminary work on it? Ties to Other Planes. This site uses cookies. Monday, abby February, I am going to run the 4e version, but that’s because I think the current characters in the campaign are so cool in 4e. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. An incredible amount of resources, encounters, NPCs, plot threads, and suggestions for smaller side adventures and quests are included.

Obviously encounter details would need to change. Where to give out Torc of Justice? Assembling the deck and debating about whether to draw make the Deck a great source of roleplaying opportunities.

It is really more like a miniature campaign setting than a standard adventure.

Tips for Gardmore Abbey

Madness at Gardmore Abbey is a treasure trove of interesting locations, characters, and challenges that can be swapped into nearly any campaign. I’m guessing that completing this adventure would take over 12 sessions using 4E. Here are six reasons why Madness at Gardmore Abbey is great. Xander CM Piper says: You are commenting using your Facebook account. These are rendered very nicely, but still generic enough to mzdness reused in the future.


As with the Feywild, you can easily toss in some bread crumbs here that lead to further exploration of the dread Far Realm later in your campaign. I think it will make att sense in 5e, especially when it comes to the orcs. Madness at Gardmore Abbey 5e Conversion.

Especially the big solo monsters like the beholder. Heck, you should post conversion notes somewhere. An entire quest chain with significant links to the Feywild is available, and can lead to further adventures in the plane of rampant growth. That leaves plenty of cool stuff available for the future. The Mad King is dead, they’ve cleansed the Dwimmer Deep dungeons, and they have a hoard of treasure and a broken pirate ship.

Best of all, for those like me on the lazy side, excellent poster maps for important fights are also in the box.

While still dangerous, 4E style planar adventures are possible for characters abbry more modest abilities. Finding new cards here and there throughout the Abbey has added to the coherence of our campaign. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Scrivener of Doom gave XP for this post. You could just drop in new monsters to translate the encounters without too much difficulty, but I think garcmore harder part will be updating the environments to be just as cool, and coming up with a way to handle the skill tests.

My party just last night finished the megadungeon they’ve been exploring since Julyand is newly 6th level.


Did you do it? But having run my players through several sessions of Madness at Gardmore AbbeyI am of the opinion that it is easily the best 4E adventure, and compares favorably to such beloved classics as Keep on the Borderlands and Tomb of Horrors. The recent DMG preview with the Deck of Many Things also got me thinking this would be a fun adventure to convert though I will need to alter the Deck a bit, and in the very least allow the cards to be separated from each other.

Homebrew Madness at Gardmore Abbey 5e Conversion

GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: March 13, at 3: The Deck is interesting both in real life and in game, and one of the biggest reasons why Madness at Gardmore Abbey is awesome. Please select a support frequency.

Reset Fields Log in. I’m thinking of doing this myself in a year or so, so let me know how this goes. I gardjore, I have read alot about the game, and skimmed the rules, but still haven’t played it. Or run Madness and has thoughts on how it would play for 5e? You are commenting using your Twitter account.