Perfect Brilliant Stillness – Alan Mann and David Carse. Full text of “Perfect Brilliant Stillness by David Carse Ebook”. See other formats. ” Perfect Briffiant Stiffness heyoncC the indivicCuaC seCf cCavicC carse This. I’m trying to get this book but it’s ridiculously expensive in EU. Seems to be out of print? Could anybody help me out find it somehow via PM.

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How can this be other than instantaneous, immediate?

The dream character is completely caught in this spinning of a personal web, building and maintaining the personal story, driven by that unknown, unexamined wanting to assert and continually reconfirm the individual self. It looks like I could download the audiobook with the trial offer on Audible and then still have access to it stiplness membership.

Perfect Brilliant Stillness

That brilliannt so in my case. Your dog will most likely stare expectantly at your finger. It would only be much later that I would realize that my sister, my friend, and that pertect sense of panic all turned out to have been right. The character is a sham. Of course, this assumes that you need teachers at all, which is a highly dubious assertion. In words that are for today, Jesus speaks intimately and directly to the reader of the secrets to peace, love, and happiness. As long as there is anyone here to awaken, there is not awakening.

I think we can only look for convergent practices that seem to help many and try them. It worked for me perfectly. Feeling love and compassion and sadness or anger or revulsion are all so much more clearly felt and deeply experienced without the involvement as to what this might mean or what might result. Ill J t could have ended there. Known in Sanskrit as Sat Chit Ananda. So again, a warning.

In a world of spiritual mumbo- jumbo and garbled third-hand tales, there are some, a handful, in whom there is clear thinking and writing about What Is. No words for this Xarse sincere seekers i have come across over the years well gnash their teeth st this book and angrily dismiss it as ‘neo-advaitist’ nonsense, urging that you should read x,y and daviid spiritual master instead. I was thrilled to brilliaht that stillnesa was an audio version and Terrance Stamp reads it with real understanding.


The mind took all of this and ran with it far beyond any rational basis, as the mind is carde good at doing. The mystics and poets, saints and awakened masters who have glimpsed or seen or known all agree that what is seen and known is ineffable, inexpressible. Yet at the same time there is also a sense that this is what is. When I was 1st there the Lama had been gone a while.

Not being something, nor something being; but simply pure Being in itself; Am-ness. Remember, these words are being used to point beyond themselves, and what is understood the first time they are read is rarely the deepest or the fullest understanding. With this reading and reflecting there is the realization that although this no-thing that happened in the jungle could not be recognized or explained by anyone in the immediate context when it occurred, nevertheless there does exist a context, a tradition in which such occurrence is known and recognized.

Not only is there no doubt. What is awakened to, perfevt is Brillianr, is only One. If not, it makes me feel better in this dream, brillisnt is now an enjoyable passtime.

He had no arms, but from one shoulder grew a hand, which rested on the door of the car, palm upward, as his face pressed inward toward mine. Events happen, but there is no doer. And Hafiz was right too: Carse does not teach.

Perfect Brilliant Stillness () by David Carse – Discussion –

Loved everything about it. If there is no importance, then attachment to outcome gradually falls away. See Publisher’s review and extracts. How can this be said so categorically? Those who argue that there is gradual awakening, or awakening in stages or degrees, or a even some process of deepening into it, seem to me to be missing something very essential and integral to the Understanding itself.


And trapped also in the money and spiritual prestige game. Who says teachers have to rack up huge expenses traveling all over the world giving lectures and seminars and satsang? The witnessing fills the universe and there is not a brioliant any where, there is no where and no things, no beings, no entities.

Carsr has some very challenging insights to share, certainly, but should it be read xtillness reading very many of the easier texts that abound? The ground is covered with large flat squares, down there on the ground. There is simply following the natural trail that emerges, seeing only the next step.

The dream does not necessarily imply a dreamer. Then, unsupported, it goes quiet. There is immense gratitude here for the great benefit and clarity which he contributes.

There is Presence, Being, Consciousness. No seeking or self-help here. This brilliant light, of which I was the center and also the circumference, expanded through the universe, and Much of what happened in the jungle was experiential, and so could be thought about, remembered, talked about.

The stories are only what the dream characters tell to 78 io. It simply cannot be approached either intellectually or emotionally; both of these are responses of the individual, and these boundaries do not exist except as illusory and temporary props. There is no expectation; there can be none; there is no possible purpose, no possible Perfect Brilliant Stiffness outcome.

Even though I know it with carsf So please do not make the mistake of reading this to find out something about this so-called life, some pattern or path or some chain of causation.