Vishnu sahasranama (sanskrit) (pdf, 79kb). Vishnu Sahasranama . Om > Deities > Dattatreya > names of Dattatreya (decl). names of Dattatreya ( decl). dattatreya related Sanskrit Documents in IAST script, available in various Indian dakārādi śrī dattasahasranāmastotram | dakArAdi shrI datta sahasranAma. Sri Dattatreya Sahasranama Stotram & Namavali: Buy Sri Dattatreya Sahasranama Stotram & Namavali online –

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The Vedas worship the Sun, Surya, as the source of light for the entire world. I am not a burden on the householder.

In the cell to the proper left is Visnu, four-armed. In the same way Visnu and Brahma are given due honour the devotees of different times according to their religious ideas.

The woman is, in fact, the symbol of self-experience and wine the symbol of pleasure arising out of it. I learnt patience and doing good to others from the EARTH, for it endures every injury man commits on its surface, and yet it does him good by producing crops, trees, etc. The AIR is always moving through various objects, but it never gets attached to anyone of them; so I have learnt from the air to be without attachment, though I move with many people in this world.


The sun is my seventh guru. One should remain firm come what may Sun is bombarded by millions of heavy particles and yet it remains firm and absorbs all. A devoted pair of lovebirds raises a brood of young who become entrapped in a net by a hunter.

Close to the neck is also a Hara composed of a snake. It is belied Sage Samarth of Maharashtra was his incarnation.


Sri Datta Sahasranamavali

The remaining face has Sankhapatra as its ear ornament. We get many icons that do not follow the respective Dhyana Mantras either wholly or partly. Let there be Peace in my environment!

Shastri Mukundalal Shastri, M. These are Usa and Pratyusa. Vogel in his Icono- graphic Notes on the seven Pagodas identifies the figure with Brahma, The figure is standing four-armed holding a flower in his upper right hand and a ring in his upper left while the remaining two are empty. How will it be if Sun selectively does its job? Just as the pure water cleanses others, so also the datttatreya, who is pure and free from selfishness, lust, egoism, anger, greed, etc. In the same way, he is connected with many personalities among whom Arjuna Kartavirya is most prominent and is found datttatreya with him in almost all the Puranas.

Space, Know the Pure One as neither bound nor free. He is strikingly portrayed on roughly carved seal, which has been recently brought to light by Mackay. One Response to Sajasranamam Sahasranamam prasad says: When penance and non-jealous nature unite in a single person, the highest truth emerges as Lord Dattatreya.

Dattatreya Sahasranamam-English

The Fiery Pillar is Siva, he reveals in its splender. Nilakantha Sastri while discussing the question of Saivism being pre-vedic and non-Ary an in origin criticises Marshall’s interpretation vehemently and refutes his points in his Marshall’s own words and concludes that on the evidence of sahasramamam roughly carved seal his conclusions regarding the seal having a god, dattatrdya of Siva, are rather forced and certainly not so convincing as the rest of the chapter and, therefore, are open to doubt.

The remaining figures are ten incarnations of Visnu according to Dr. The halo is besmeared with Ganges-sand Gangothi. Both the figures have Brahma and Visnu at the proper right and left sides of Siva respectively.


Thomas gives the above story of the BVP with a slight change. Moreover, he points sahazranamam the fact that the trinity of Siva, Visnu and Subrahmanya is still existing.

There are four attendants two crouching at his feet and the other two ganas flying. The Moon waxes and wanes but remains unchanged. Such devotees were given instructions in the knowledge of reality through a gradual process and in their lowest gradation. The sculptor, no doubt, has Trimurti in mind and probably Dattatreya because one of the Dhyanamantras of Dattatreya, quoted above, contains a reference to Vyakhyana Mudra of Dattatreya.

Dattatreya Sahasranamavali –

Knowing this Dattatreya came out with a beautiful lady who put on the best type of clothes. Elsewhere, Sri Dattatreya teaches that a spiritual sahaseanamam should begin by cultivating a mental white blanket. Sarva-Kama-Phala-Pradaya,- Bhava-Bandha-Mochanaya – Who bestows the fruits of all the desires of the devotee’s heart, the redeemer of the bonds of worldly existence. Even these two bangles created much noise. Bhattacharya, Indian Images Part I.

Behind the chowrie-bearers a second pair of attendants is visible. He assumes shape according to the attitude of devotees. Any disorder sahsranamam the dattatreyq knowledge, right desire and right action will cause God to descend in the three main forms. The Heroic Age of India, London, Another story tells of the trinity being forced to approach Anasuya to save the world from the curse of Nalayani.