Published in as a full page spread in The New York Times, The Baltimore Sun, and other newspapers, Dabru Emet sought to put on public record the most . Dabru Emet: Its Significance for the Jewish-Christian Dialogue. by Rabbi David Rosen. Address delivered at the 20th anniversary celebration of the Dutch. Dabru Emet (“Speak the Truth”) is a statement by more than Jewish scholars issued in September In recent years, there has been a.

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As obvious as this was to those of us in the Jewish community engaged in this field, evidently it had not been so to very many of our Christian collaborators, and as I say, that in itself gave the statement great value. A new relationship between Jews and Emrt will not weaken Jewish practice.

As obvious as this was to those of us in the Jewish community engaged in this field, evidently it had not been so to very many of dabtu Christian collaborators, and as I say, that in itself gave the statement great value. By and large we do, and we are grateful for and respectful of the immense scholarship and religious openness that is required to do such a thing just right.

The most important event for Jews since the Holocaust has been the reestablishment of a Jewish state in the Promised Land. There are various dzbru to Dabru Emet from within the Jewish community. You like to be kept informed about new articles on JCRelations.

Neither Jew nor Christian should be pressed into affirming the teaching of the other community. Indeed, in stating that Christianity has brought “hundreds of millions of people… into relationship with the God of Israel” and has led them to “accept the moral principles of Torah,” Dabru Emet simply echoes statements within the writings of the aforementioned Rabbinic authorities and many others over the course of the last millennium.

One may dispute the latter statement, although already in his book “The Great Hatred” published inthe renowned American Jewish writer Maurice Samuel had argued that the Nazi venom against the Jews was in effect dahru expression of its hostility towards the essence of Christianity itself. Forged from a partnership between a dabri press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves. Like ejet, however, each carefully crafted phrase is pregnant with meaning challenging us as Christians to careful and prayerful meditation.

Finally, the statement discourages either community from “insisting that it has interpreted Scripture more accurately than the other. Some of the points raised in the statement are:. Begin with theological dialogue and it will soon become polemic or at least an unconscious vehicle for the strong and many to impose themselves upon, and even undermine, the weak and few!


Contact Contact Us Help. Emwt is significant is the undeniable fact that Dabru Emet was received even in public addresses and articles by people of no less stature than Cardinals Kasper and Keeler, the Protestant scholar Walter Bruegemann and Archbishop George Carey of Canterbury, not only as a historic document, but as ushering in a new era in Christian-Jewish relations. Turning to dzbru for religious orientation, spiritual enrichment, and communal education, we each take away similar lessons: Dabbru effective critique of this position was provided already in an article in by the late Orthodox Jewish scholar Professor Zvi Yaron.

However, these comparative institutional sour grapes or questions as to why other statements are not as well known, are not so important. About us Contact Xabru Notice. Archived from the original on dabruu These statements have declared, furthermore, that Christian teaching and preaching can and must be reformed so that they acknowledge God”s enduring covenant with the Jewish people and celebrate the contribution of Judaism to world civilization and to Christian faith itself.

Dabru Emet: A Jewish statement about Christianity

Only if we cherish our own traditions can we pursue this relationship with integrity. Throughout the nearly two meet of Jewish exile, Christians have tended to characterize Judaism as a failed religion or, at best, a religion that prepared the way for, and is completed in, Christianity. Yet, Jews and Christians interpret the Eet differently on many points. As Jews, we applaud this support.

Some of their religious practices may prepare their membership to absorb the Gospel.

Dabru Emet: A Jewish Statement on Christians and Christianity

David Blumenthal Emory University Dr. There is much in it with which Catholics will agree instantly and whole-heartedly, and much that will spur further consideration and dialogue between our two communities, and, we daresay, within each faith community as well!

A Catholic Response to Dabru Emet In Seelisberg, Switzerland, inin the immediate wake of World War II, a group of Christians, Protestants and Catholics, gathered together to ponder the implications for their churches of the devastation visited upon the Jewish people by the Holocaust. The other main Jewish criticism of Dabru Emet has focused on the theological affirmation of Christianity, especially the phrase “Jews and Christians worship the same God.

Dabru Emet – Wikipedia

Moreover some of the most preeminent rabbis in their times, such as Menachem HaMeiri, Moses Rivkes, Jacob Emden, Elijah Benamozegh, and Israel Lifschitz, viewed Christianity not only as ethical monotheism, but attested to the religio-ethical redemptive role of Christianity in human society — often in language and ideas far more bold than in Dabru Emet. Such differences must always be respected. One test of such statements addressed to one’s own community but with an awareness that another community is, as it were, looking over our shoulder as we write, is whether the onlooking community will see themselves validly portrayed there.


We look forward to continuing dialogue with Jewish leadership over it.

Jewish-Christian Relations

Separately and together, we must eemet to bring justice and peace to our world. Only if we cherish our own traditions can we pursue this relationship with integrity. The passage goes on to declare that dqbru the Nazi extermination of the Jews had been more successful, it would have turned its murderous rage more directly to Christians. Yet they carried the day and, in retrospect, can be said to have been truly prophetic in its most profound sense.

This shared moral emphasis can be the basis of an improved relationship between our two communities. It also related to the fact that the statement recognizes a Jewish interest not only in a social and moral relationship with Christianity, but also in a relationship of theological understanding between the two. Neither Jew nor Christian should be pressed into affirming the teaching of the other community.

The humanly irreconcilable difference between Jews and Christians will not be settled until God redeems the entire world as promised in Scripture.

Such witness is especially needed after the unprecedented horrors of the past century. Before the rise of Christianity, Jews were the only worshippers of the God of Israel. The Christian excitement in effect related firstly to the fact that this public Jewish statement recognized Christians and Christianity today as not being the same as they were in the past; that Christianity today is not only no longer principally a threat to Judaism, but in fact is substantially an ally.

Today, in the West particularly, all religions are minorities and are vulnerable though that vulnerability and minority status actually has its own empowerment. Must work together to promote justice and peace in the world. Aside from any other reasons, the fact that the statement had been prepared under the auspices of the Baltimore Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies, guaranteed its Americanocentricity.