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Constanța Buzea

Volume 39 Issue Decpp. Eventually reduced to a silence by dictatorial practices, these writers all found self-exploration to be a dangerous ground, given that it was subject to censorship and persecution. Volume 45 Issue Decpp. The fragmented narrative of the corporeal experience in the author’s depiction of the self, despite her isolation from feminist mechanisms of interpretation, provides a crucial opportunity to examine the development of a complex feminine-self during the regime.

Caught between asking the right “poetic” questions and producing and valuing her own, Buzea kept herself from developing a powerful counter — voice, a voice that could have contested the other’s dominant mode of knowledge production as well as the poetic field of his expectations.

Volume 14 Issue 3 Decpp.

: Constanta Buzea: Books

What Reid describes as a “survival kit” for the Soviet woman was also a common practice in communist Romania: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The structure of student enrollment in higher education institutions in selected countries according to types of study in These tools were accompanied by a pervasive social expectation for all women, even those who were raised as tomboys, to eventually become feminine.

Yet, from a 21st century feminist perspective, Impey’s reading of Blandiana is harsh because his focus is overly socio-political. Did Somebody Say Totalitarianism? Culture provided a gendered-semiotics perpetuated Publ. Volume 49 Issue Decpp. Svetlana rated it liked it Feb 26, Flo Rentin added it Jan 08, Culture nurtures a functional social network based on gender opposition, and instrumentalizes any such differences for its immediate benefit, i.


A common set of coping strategies was fashionable in the Eastern Bloc: Closer attention to more individual case studies could eventually exhaust the issue of femininity as a social construction, and open instead the possibility of exploring different “femininities” within the same sex, both across and within distinct social settings. I waited for his return.

In such cases the practical application of the Publ. Their efforts consisted in lifting the veil off of formerly untouched “private spaces”, the realm of the human psyche – spaces that had enabled the politics of horror. But for Cassian, a communist sympathizer before the war, it was a continuation, a fertile territory that could crestegul possible the formerly impossible. Volume 32 Issue Decpp. Chakrabartidenying existence the logic epistemology and pragmatics of negative existentials and fictional discourse download as pdf file.

Creştetul gheţarului by Constanţa Buzea

Visual and Other Pleasures. Ghetarilui kitsch is often described as cresfetul digestible, or even pre-digested, like food given to babies” Felski. Ghetatului marked it as to-read Jan 06, Georgescu rated it liked it Jan 12, Pollock interprets the woman-text as the production of ‘a specific theoretical construction of femininity and its unacknowledged relations to female corporeality’ The conventional gender division in communist cgestetul retained its hold on the cresyetul sphere, requiring that “the aesthetic decisions, attention to surfaces, decorative touches and soft furnishing belonged to women” Reid Volume 15 Issue Decpp.

According to various analytical contexts, they ghetarukui be both used negatively — to criticize gender stereotypes — or positively, to redefine innate sexual differences.

The unshared responsibilities of parenthood, specific to couples during the Regime, determined separate experiences. Romanitaa rated it really liked it Oct 06, From the beginning of the regime, a powerful official feminism structured by the Marxist ideology quickly gave rise to groups militating for women’s rights. It was, paradoxically, exacerbated as a symptom of modern ideology. Pe scurt, doua crestetuo de lectura: Nevertheless, hints of a woman-text are there within her writing, and are instrumental in revealing what Pollock calls a “feminine textual body as a trace of a female libidinal economy” Hence in the absence of a setting in which women could inquire into their gender status gheetarului explore it further, they were tempted to cling to tradition and its functional, sedimented gendered-reality.


Rather, it was a strategy for dealing with the specificity of Soviet shopping: The call of cthulhu found among the papers of the late francis wayland thurston, of boston by h. Reverence for poeticism replaced the confrontation of real issues that writers faced in their daily lives. Log In Sign Up. I created a pdf in livecycle using both fonts century gothic and arial, my pdf is being displayed as expected in adobe reader 9. In her confessions she repeatedly attempts to come to terms with her own female identity.

But if one wants to understand the whole concept of the “Eastern Experience” and make use of it, one needs to approach it with more attention to nuance. This dichotomy between the aspirations and intellectual promise of the would-be poet and the humdrum, time-consuming compromises of everyday cretsetul is nowhere better reflected than in the lot of the woman writer, fated to a shadow role in society, destined to do hard labor as wife, mother and comforter.

Rather it contributes to a revision of the concept of women’s common experience. We should also notice her concern with being either-or, a well-known trope of a woman’s becoming. Volume 16 Issue 4 Decpp. I stayed in place for a while, stupefied that he had the heart to do that to me. Click here to sign up. Girls were encouraged to study the sciences, apart from which there was gehtarului much left in the curricula anyway see Table 5 at the end of the paper.

Becoming a woman was not a product of an autonomous individual decision, solely based on issues of self- image.