Preferred Scientific Name; Crassocephalum crepidioides. Preferred Common Name; redflower ragleaf. Taxonomic Tree; Domain: Eukaryota. Crassocephalum crepidioides is a PERENNIAL growing to m (2ft 7in) by m (1ft) at a fast rate. It is hardy to zone (UK) Suitable for: light (sandy) and. Flowering class: Dicot Habit: Herb Distribution notes: Exotic.

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Crassocephalum crepidioides flower buds. Crassocephalum crepidioides Aluka – Crassocephalum crepidioides In general application of organic manure before transplanting promotes rapid growth, production of large leaves and overall vegetative yield.

The cultivated plants of the tropics and subtropics: Can include ecosystem services. Crassocephalum crepidioides contains the hepatotoxic and tumorigenic pyrrolizidine alkaloidjacobine. Il mesure 5,5 mm de long et 5 mm de large.

Crassocephalum crepidioides Okinawa Spinach, Redflower Ragleaf, Fireweed PFAF Plant Database

Includes abundance information population size, density and demographics e. However, manual weeding is labour intensive: The capitulum measures mm in diameter and 11 to 13 mm in height, surrounded by an involucre of bracts in 2 series. This crassocepualum be done for 40—50 days. Showing 0 of 0 comments.

  CSA B167-96 PDF

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Les capitules sont rapidement retombants. The apex is acute to acuminate. Distribution Top of page C. Springer Verlag, Berlin, Germany. However, Chen et al. Moore from the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. Seedlings are normally raised in nurseries in specially prepared cool spots. The many seeds that are produced are thus spread rapidly.

India Biodiversity Portal

Nutritional qualities of plant foods. Food and Nutrition 12 1: Seeds craasocephalum over a wide pH rangewith the highest germination rate at between pH 4 and Natural History Natural History Cyclicity.

The paper highlights the diversity, distribution and population status of Primula species in wes Range Through most of tropical Africa, it has become naturalised in many other parts of the Tropics. Crassocephalum crepidioides occurs throughout tropical Africa, from Senegal east to Ethiopia and south to South Africa; it is also found in Madagascar and Mauritius.

Related observations Show all. Natural History Natural History Reproduction.

Crassocephalum crepidioides – Useful Tropical Plants

It grows well in the shade in plantations, eg. Aromatic plants of tropical Central Africa Crassocephalum crepidioides is an easy to grow vegetable, especially suited to shady localities in home gardens and tree plantations.


Proceedings of the workshop on lost crops of Nigeria: In parts of Asia where both species have been crepidiioides, there has been frequent confusion between C. As an alternative NPK fertilizers e. However, benefits to ecosystems not specific to humans are best treated under Risk statement what happens when the organism is removed. Performance of paraquat may be improved by mixture with diuron Isdiyanto and Pasaribu,but in some localities for example, the highlands of Malaysiawhere paraquat has been used repeatedly, highly paraquat-resistant biotypes have now developed Itoh et al.

The style is long bifid. Checklist of Plants of the Mariana Islands.

Malayan Nature Journal, 61 2: