Repair and service information for the Contax camera. The Contax service manual gives a comprehensive list of possible causes of various symptoms and I suggest you refer to that if the cause of your problem. Contax Quartz 35mm SLR camera, Contax Q, Q. TTL metering system using a silicon photo diode, manual or aperture-priority exposure controls .

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Any smudges are likely to be the result of someone making an attempt at cleaning the screen in situ.

Contax Q | Camerapedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Fit the cover starting from the middle. DIY Repairs This page is intended to give some guidance to anyone wishing to attempt their own repairs. Note that one of the two screws inside the camera is coverd by the multi-exposure arm so remove this first by unhooking its spring and removing the screw.

Note the spring hooked around the larger, black, screw. Silver-coated prism with horizontal split-image spot, surrounded by a micro-prism collar. Replacement is the reverse order but, before refitting the mirror box, cock the shutter by using the film advance and cock the mirror by pushing the lever shown in the next picture in the direction shown until it locks into place.

An already broken mirror will probably shatter further while being removed. Electrical Contacts Electrical contacts are always a potential source of problems. The Contax Quartz is a 35mm SLR that was introduced in and manufactured up until with something overbeing built in that time.


The shutter can then be removed. I generally use self adhesive covers but, if not, I use double mnual tape to stick the covers on, applying it first to the cover, then trimming around confax, then applying it to the camera. Underneath is a collet with a slotted top.

I lubricate both the flywheel shaft and the shaft of the gear above it. Remove any old adhesive and clean the surface with an alcohol based cleaner to degrease it. Also the spring contacts which are attached to the underside of the click plate. Usually the fresnel lens, which is on the underside of the screen, becomes damaged and nothing can be done with it.

The release is a small lever that protrudes from just under the mirror box, towards the front, on the right hand side when looking at the front of the camera. It is the bottom screw to adjust focus. If it does, then, again, making dontax the adhesive is slightly wet will make fitting the cover much easier and it may be possible to conyax a god result. The flexi is now fully out of the way of the prism and mirror box assembly.

To do so, the front covers need to be removed first. Unscrew the two screws either side of the viewfinder. Removing this plate allows better access to the mirror damper flywheel which sometimes squeaks and needs lubricating. Mirror Stop and Focus Errors The mirror stop is located in the mirror box arrowed in picture and the mirror rests against it when in the conta position.

Privacy policy About Camera-wiki. The electrical pulse energises an electromagnet which is in opposition to the permanent magnet and so cancels contxx magnetic field so releasing the mechanism.


They are delicate and easily bent so be careful. Once the top cover is removed, the shutter speed dial click plate assembly is removed by removing the rewind shaft holder conhax then disengaging the spring from the click lever assembly then moving the lever out of the way, or lifting it off, so that the click plate can be lifted off the shaft.

This was due to the multi-exposure lever being caught up and stopping the film advance mechanism from fully returning to its normal position.

Contax 139Q

These were, at least in part, to overcome some reliability issues with early examples. This is what it looks like with the mirror box in place.

Apply a piece of double sided sticky tape to the button, overlapping it onto the surrounding dial. The cover needs to fit under the edge of the holder and the original covers were thinner so they could fit.

See where the rivet has finished up. Disengage the spring and cobtax off the washer. Unscrew the two black screws under the lens mount. Quartz-timed electronic self-timer with precise 10 sec delay. The other symptom can be that the mirror fails to return. Setting AE lock lever locks in shutter speed in effect at time of setting.