Clea by Lawrence Durrell, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Find Clea by Durrell, Lawrence at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers. Clea (Alexandria Quartet) [Lawrence Durrell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The magnificent final volume of one of the most widely.

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Durrell has created a world that is unforgettable, characters that are unique and vivid, and a story of great psychological depth and variety. Justine is clearly the gem of the bunch, and could be read as a stand-alone novel though the others could notI found clex all worthwhile ways to spend my — now limited — reading time.

Clea by Durrell, Lawrence

Some years and one world war was after his bizarre liaisons with Melissa and Justine, the Irish migr Darley becomes enmeshed with the bisexual artist Clea. Ships from the UK. Bindings tight and square.

There is a long excursus in the middle of the book ostensibly taken from the duurrell of the novelist Pursewarden, in which he describes his impressions of Darley. For descriptions of how people in love torment each other, come here.

Each reader must and shall form their own image of her; but howsoever you imagine her, she is a uniquely intense fictional wraith which will remind you of what great literature can do. True, we have met all these characters in the earlier books, but Mountolive in particular has brought them into the light of the real world; I find myself no longer interested in re-entering the darkness of their self-obsessions.


Rare Book Cellar Published: They proceed to Alexandria, now under nightly bombardment because of the War WW2Darley continues to reminisce, sometimes lamenting, and seeks and sometimes finds, the characters of the earlier book. Clra second reference impelled me to: Darley, the narrator, is living on a Greek island with the six-year-old illegitimate daughter Nessim fathered durrrell Melissa. Cla quoted from the other three, so here’s a bit of Clea: Part of the novel’s metafiction involves Darley reading Pursewarden’s correspondence, journals and draft fiction and verse: This rich, exciting fare is Durrell’s finest writing style, a manner of writing few living authors can equal.

She is an artist, a painter. Writes with supreme adroitness towards both female and male characters. I toyed with the notion of reading these out of order myself, but in the end I’m glad I stuck with the way Durrell presented them.

Durrell strokes your cerebellum as well as your perineum. Inexplicably, he shuns her. However, Clea is the first to appreciate that love can often be a matter of timing.

In Three Books, many chapters. She has made amends with Memlik Pasha by discovering he just wanted an entrance into society.

Clea,: a novel

Fine in like dust-jacket. Even the central relationship between Darley and Clea seems to come about too easily, rather than as the product of the interplay of personalities revealed in this novel; and when the relationship later encounters difficulty, that too is largely arbitrary and unexplained.

At the close, the feeling of time having vurrell and events having changed their futures and impressions of each other are felt as they move on to the next phases of their lives. I have really adored being emersed in the vurrell of this group of individuals, thrown together through public and political life in a backdrop of exotic Egyptian locations and traditions starting in the romantic ‘s through to wartime.


This fourth volume of the Quartet contains some of the loveliest and most poignant love prose that I have ever read, the relationship of Clea and Darley, with all of its moods and fluctuations, being painted with exquisite delicacy, very moving.

I mean, wasn’t the idea of the individual soul grafted on to us by the Greeks in the wild hope that, by its sheer beauty, it would “take”—as we say of vaccination? His style glows with the mineral deposits of many cultures.

Whereas some of the relationships in the earlier volumes were still jostling around with the heat, by now they have started to settle.

Red and black lettering on tan dustjacket.

How’s that for navel-gazing? The scene is a pair for the one at the end of Mountolive when David finally sees Leila again; Durrell’s characters, it seems, cannot just durfell former loves and part as friends; there needs to be an additional twist of the knife as well.

It must be read in the proper sequence, without much spacing between the novels, because it truly is one continuous story somewhat arbitrarily divided into four parts.

Andrew Barnes Booksellers Published: Many of the aps from the previous novels are filled in.