Study Flashcards On CBSPD at Quickly memorize the terms, Material Safety Data Sheets for chemicals. Ethics is the practice of? Doing the right. Disclaimer: The purchase of the study material below is optional and is not the best or only means of preparation for any CBSPD exam. NOTE: Due to rising. CBSPD * The Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution. is an INDEPENDENT CBSPD Ambulatory Surgery Study Guide – 3rd Edition; 2.

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Guidelines for Reprocessing Flexible Scopes.

I am absolutely terrified. Join EndoGal to learn all about the different types of endoscopes and their uses, as well as how stjdy properly inspect and transport them. Find a Test Site Here!

A change of address or name can be the cause for not receiving mail. Work with WIKI to learn about proper packaging techniques using peel pouches.

Indicators, Disinfection and Sterilization Free CE Study Guide by STERIS University

May Manager Packet. I postponed the exam twice cuz I was afraid thati would fail This time, EndoGal shows proper care of endoscopes. Navigate your way through the inner channel of a lumened instrument, smashing Blood Cell Baddies and other bioburdens with a cleaning brush attack. Join The Inspector in his investigation to learn all about the testing process.


The horror stories are nothing more than ploys to get you to spend more money, or to promote the profession as being more difficult than it really is. Now im about to get out and I am not certified and i’m sweating bricks!!! I’m using Appleton and I feel confident.

Crazy4Clean Games – FREE CEUs

Something is way wrong with the ST programs out there if the failure rate is that high. It was pretty resonable IMHO. Looking for a CST with some experience. Upload your resume Sign in. A new mobile-ready game all about the identification and proper use of brushes.

Has anyone taken the certification test? – Surgical Technician Jobs |

I heard there are 6 different tests and one is very focused on anesthesia. Most facilities give you time to get it, being military you should have no trouble at all my friend What materials did you use to prepare for that test?

Not because I was ever asked to or made to. Even though I have read all the surgeries in my books, sometimes it just doesn’t make sense till you do it in person. Elizabeth in Houston, Texas said: Cbspe be sure to restart your computer after downloading Adobe. IMHO, as I’ve stated above, the test is easy.

I am going to be taken the certification test soon, I dont know what book to get to study from, and I was wondering what kind of questions are on there. The program which studj accredited. I am very nervous about taking the test can you give me a clue of what the test is like.


A new Flash-based game that takes you on an adventure of investigating stains and other instrument testing. But if they start asking really specific questions about surgeries I haven’t done, I may be in trouble.

The other thing I love is some of these Instruments that they come up with and what they are used for. Central Service Sterilization Investigators!

I bought the study book it is VERY basic. Don’t waste your money on the aides at all!!! There are a ton of questions that, even if you don’t know the answer, you will be able to make an ‘educated guess’ by canceling out the obvious wrong answers. I am a certified surgical tech and renew my certification when necessary and found studying the surgical text given in class was adequate in helping me prepare for the test.