Cakes and Ale has ratings and reviews. Bill said: Somerset Maugham’s Cakes and Ale (“Dost thou think because thou art virtuous there shall be. Cakes and Ale is both a wickedly satirical novel about contemporary heroines of twentieth-century literature, Maugham’s sardonic wit and William Somerset Maugham was born in and lived in Paris until he was ten. Full text of “Cakes And Ale Maugham”. See other formats. CAKES AND ALE OR THE SKELETON IN THE CUPBOARD W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM PRODUCED.

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It had a note that I had never heard before. They thought him not only a good sort, but a sound judge.

Cakes and Ale by W. Somerset Maugham

Somerset Maugham, English novelist, playwright, and short-story writer whose work is characterized by a clear unadorned style, cosmopolitan settings, and a shrewd understanding of human nature. Nov 21, Lavinia rated it really liked it Shelves: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Nella quarta di copertina di un Maugham letto qualche tempo fa c’era la splendida immagine di come la macchina narrativa di questo autore fosse assimilabile agli ingranaggi di un orologio, uno di quelli tanto piccoli che solamente con grandissima precisione possono essere assemblati e continuare a funzionare nel tempo.

Her voice was brisk and melodious. Help us improve this article! The fictional Rosie does. At other times he is somerwet nostalgic and sweet bringing forward the realms of memory and love with great poetic gusto. Drif- field would not hear of it, but Driffield gave me a funny, amused little look, which made me think that he saw through my excuse so that I blushed scarlet, maughwm he said: I was enthralled seeing the world of the British classes through the youthful eyes of young Willie and as a bystander watched his rose color glasses fade away with the accumulation of life experiences and maturity.


The novel truly shines in those chapters. The critics can force the world to pay attention to a very indifferent writer, and the world may lose its head over one who has no merit at all, but the result in neither case is lasting; and I cannot help thinking that no writer can hold the public for as long as Edward Driffield with- out considerable gifts.

It was the dining room and the lunch and the manner which you felt exactly fitted a literary gent of great celebrity but moderate wealth. Are they dead, are they shut up in madhouses, are they hidden away in offices?

It was good form to believe and journalists used somerste to adorn a phrase or bal- ance a sentence; then God went out oddly enough with cricket and beer and Pan came in.

She wore a large black straw hat with a great quantity of roses and leaves and bows on it. Mary-Ann was washing up. He’s not a likeable character and I don’t think he was supposed to be. He was fond of lecturing upon the younger writers of England and America, and he explained their merits to his audience with an enthusiasm that attested his generosity. Nov 11, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: Much of this novel is autobiographical and, indeed, Maugham himself always said it was his favourite.

I like this a lot, so four stars is what I shall give it. So, his work is always on my list of books to read. Ashenden chafes at revealing too much into the personal lives of the couple who opened his eyes to class distinctions, broke some of those distinctions, befriended him, cultured him, nurtured him, and ultimately guided him a few of his life choices.

Full text of “Cakes And Ale Maugham”

He was a very good stick to beat the Philistines with. I think that’s the point of the story. View all 4 comments. Driffield said she wanted me to do something for her. I waited a few minutes longer, then I saw the side door open and Mrs. They took their luggage away one night and just went up to London.


It was agreed that he had talent, but it never occurred to anyone that he was one of the glories of English literature. She was a woman of about five-and-forty, I judged, with a small sallow face and neat, sharp features. It was through an old crony at this club that he was able to get his son, when he came down from Oxford, appointed pri- vate secretary to a politician who, after having made a fool of himself as Secretary of State in two Conservative administrations, had been re- warded with a peerage.

It was a common read in one of my groups.

Cakes and Ale

Because they told me that to admire Walter Pater was to prove myself a cultured young man, I ad- mired Walter Pater, but, heavens, how Marius bored me! I knew him well enough to be aware that he would not let the matter drop, and that I should be reminded of my transgression for years.

For some reason I noticed her dress. Driffield had backed a bill; I never could quite understand what this meant, but I knew that the consequences were disastrous. Driffield showed me his accounts last time I was down there.

Remem- ber me to her, will you, and ask her to look in on her evening out. However, about the only thing the I can remember is that the dead writer had taught cakds how to ride a bicycle.

Yet with his second wife, Edward becomes a different man who lives the life expected of a celebrated author.