Mary Buffett and David Clark look at stocks in Warren’s portfolio as the basis for books in Buffett and Clark’s successful series—Buffettology, The Buffettology. David said: A beginners guide to value investing21 April I just clicked on Mary Buffett’s name on David Clark Mary Buffett, former daughter-in-law of this legendary financial genius and a succes In the world of investing, the name. The new Buffettology: the proven techniques for investing successfully in Warren Buffett the world’s most famous investor / Mary Buffett and David Clark. p. cm.

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The answer is yes: Warren Buffett’s value investing strategies make money. As a welcome gift, you’ll receive my popular eBook The 10 Best Investors in the World as well as three automated investment spreadsheets.

Designed to teach investors how to decipher and use financial information the way Buffett himself does, this book guides investors through opportunity-rich bear markets, walking them step-by-step through the buvfett and formulas Buffett uses to determine what to buy, what to sell — and when. All this rate tells you is how much you can expect to earn each year by purchasing stocks of a certain company at a certain price. Mary Buffett, former daughter-in-law of this legendary financial genius and a succes In the world of investing, the name Warren Buffett is synonymous with success and prosperity.

Buffettology In the world of investing, the name Warren Buffett is synonymous with success and prosperity. Buffettology is the first book from someone who, thanks to personal and professional access to Warren Buffett, has been uniquely positioned to learn from the master.

It’s almost reassuring to find that Warren is as consistent with his technical strategy as he is with his qualitative strategy. The Tao of Warren Buffett inspires, amuses, sharpens the mind, and offers priceless investment savvy that anyone can take to the bank.

You also have to be able to live off c,ark a fraction of your earnings until you start bufffttology really roll in the dosh — that means patience and a willingness to forego instant gratification. Why and When He Is Investing in Them Bestselling authors Mary Buffett and David Clark examine seventeen companies that Warren Buffett has bought for himself and for his holding company, Berkshire Hathaway, as durable investments and explain why these companies are once again selling at prices that offer great long-term growth prospects.


Some say that Buffett’s success is not just due to the fact that he is a great stock picker, but also because he has been able to finance his investments with cheap money.

Lessons from Buffettology (Summary)

Warren Buffett and the Interpretation of Financial Statements: This book was more of a biographical, philosophical and motivational genre for me. A company should only pay a dividend, according to the authors, if it has no better way of allocating the money, for example if a company has grown to the size of Apple AAPL and therefore has limited room for growth left.

As we enter the fifth year of what many economists are calling the Great Recession, we find that some of the most amazing businesses—those with a durable competitive advantage—are trading at prices and price-to-earnings ratios that offer investors serious long-term moneymaking opportunities. They take readers step by step from the initial public announcement to tendering shares, explaining how Buffett evaluates risk and maximizes his profit at every step.

Even more amazing, this incredible buffettology of return was produced with very low rates of risk. I have the distinct feeling that The thing about reading an investing-oriented book 15 years after it was published is that you can judge the projections and assumptions made in the book.

The New Buffettology Hardcover Nov 20, Tshering Pelmo rated it really liked it Shelves: Published inthe bestselling Buffettology was written specifically for investors in the midst of a long bull market.

Mary is concise and unemotional, making this a quick and productive read. Graham was an absolute pioneer in the field of value investing, and Warren Buffett soaked up all of his knowledge and started applying this strategy himself.

That’s quite a feat if you ask me!

Buffett used this float to massively increase the amount of money available for investments, which drastically increased his absolute returns.

Authors Mary Buffett and David Clark explore Buffett’s recent investments in detail, proving time and again that his strategy has earned enormous profits at a time no one expects them to — and with almost zero risk to his capital.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To be honest with you I am not buffeftology sure who Mary Buffett is because she is not one of Warren’s children, nor is she his ex-wife who is dead, by the way but from what I can remember when I read this book she is connected to him somehow if not simply using bu name to make it appear that she is connected with the self-made billionaire so as to sell more books.


His ideas of how to value companies were all shaped by how the Great Crash and the Depression almost destroyed him, and he was always a little afraid of what the market can do. I did find her methods of qualitatively evaluating the opportunity and her focus on the need for patience in investing quite good. Well, don’t ask me.

The biggest takeaway is that you need to invest a lot of time and effort in finding companies that have certain favorable economics working to it’s advantage, pay a reasonable price and stay patient. Rather than quote Warren Buffett’s shareholder letters to death like most authors, Mary sticks to the details of Warren’s investments, how he made each choice and how it worked out.

A very good review although they graded it way to high in my opinion can be read here: That’s why his favorite holding period is forever. But he was a very good writer and a very good teacher and a brilliant man, one of the only intellectuals — probably the only intellectual — in the investing dzvid at the time.

All in all a great read for someone looking for direction in investing.

Lessons from Buffettology (Summary)

Just read and learn my friend. Now as to the second part, “Advanced Buffetology” the style of writing was really boring.

Pin It on Pinterest. As a value investor, you should always try to buy companies below their An estimate of the ‘true’ value of a company, assuming that the market price does not always reflects this value correctly. Nov 19, Joel Gray rated it really liked it. This explains basic compounding and the importance of role lcark by ROE in an investment decision etc. Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only.