Raymond Brassier is a member of the philosophy faculty at the American University of Beirut, Alain Badiou, Theoretical Writings, transl. by Ray Brassier & Alberto Toscano (New York: Continuum, ). Jean-Luc Nancy, “Philosophy without. I started to write a review of this but it very quickly reached one and a half pages. But this is really great writing I can totally recommend it. Brassier absolutely. Buy Alien theory: the decline of materialism in the name of matter by Ray Brassier (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on.

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Noise exacerbates the rift between brassief and feeling by splitting experience, forcing conception against sensation. The obscurity of these observations will become clarified as we gallop along, but it is useful to use the jargon compulsively at this early stage to install a gradual familiarization with them.

The choice with which we are confronted is as clear as it is unavoidable: The fact that science has allowed crafty apes with opposable thumbs to grasp even a tiny theorg of the truth about reality is astonishing—indeed, the more we learn about ourselves from science, the more astonishing our capacity for science becomes.

As we were saying earlier on, the news had come suddenly, as it generally does. Binding the physico-chemical with bio-organic realm in generalized thermodynamics promises something of a unified field theory for Neo-Darwinian synthesis, this promises to bind not only the natural-scientific registers but also to naturalize irreducibly complex socio cultural phenomena.

Beyond the Marxist analysis of the dynamics of accumulation, Brassier draws on recent philosophical… Read More. Non-philosophy is not anti-philosophybut the Decision upon which philosophical orientations are based on which philosophy itself necessarily cannot articulate.

Meanwhile, the new generation of continental thinkers is pushing these trends still further, as seen in currents ranging from aliwn materialism to the London-based speculative realism movement to teory revivals of Derrida.

Krishna Nair marked it as to-read Jan 19, I tend to think that we can try to analyse potentials that are already hteory to situations. He even contemplated the existence of thought after there was no one left to think.


The task can be achieved by exposing the entirely contingent, conventional character of the phenomenological self-image promulgated through the myth of subjective interiority; by denouncing the hallucinatory character of privileged access [the lynchpin of all foundationalist demands]; and by inveighing against the illusory authority of the first-person perspective; myths which, whether taken separately or in combination, serve to shore up the subjectivist ideology through which liberal democratic capitalism convinces a stupified population of consumers that they are sovereign individuals, naturally endowed with freedom of choice, and that the interests of subjective freedom coincide with the interests of a free market economy.

But the point is not just that science enriches and amplifies our understanding of reality, but that it uncovers the truth.

File:Brassier Ray Alien Theory The Decline of Materialism in the Name of – Monoskop

There is no attempt of philosophy to provide a transcendental foundation for science, but science does effects a corrosive challenge to the phenomenological self-image, alirn and the first-person perspective. Just as noise makes you work to decipher information by overriding familiar cognitive-classificatory sluice-gates, the objectification of experience will force us to make sense of ourselves in a quite unfamiliar and even fundamentally foreign conceptual register.

But the scientist is not as bdassier to answer the phenomenologist in need of an account of human sapience as the phenomenologist is when having to account for the variety and overarching unity of scientific phenomena broached above: Interestingly, the brwssier that art might play in an existence devoid of meaning is precisely the subject of my thesis.

Itai Farhi marked it as to-read Jun 09, Or might it be to go in the opposite direction? It becomes difficult to let science dictate metaphysics once we acknowledge that what science says is real continues to undergo fundamental revisions.

What this does is a withdrawing Man from the ontological while not making him an exception: Alain Badiou and the Future of Philosophy. It turns catastrophe into a resource, ruin into an opportunity, harnessing the uncomputible.

So once again, thought Dr.

After learning that the world has no intrinsic unity, origin, or purpose, it is only the artist as overman who can reinvest thory world with value, and redeem our meaningless suffering.


The latter maintain that the explanation of experience will require us to revise both our understanding of it and our relationship to it. The general form of this structure will be laid out below.

Non-materialism seeks to render matter as not encompassed by the concept, and which determines materialism in being-foreclosed to the concept. References Ray Brassier, Alien Theory.

Needless to say, the news had come as a shock, not only to Dr. It is the stock of these myths supporting the permanence of subjectivity at the center of our philosophical and socio-cultural world which procreate the dream in sovereign individuals exercising their freedom to consume and that a free-market economy coincides with subjective freedom. But the relationship between science thwory metaphysics is complicated: Want to Read saving….

Interview With Ray Brassier – Against an Aesthetics of Noise (nY#2)

You are commenting using your Twitter account. In this sense, I think it prefigures in a sense yet to be determined the sort of challenge to intelligibility which will accrue with the gradual objectification of experience.

In terms of the passages quoted above: That is to say, a transcendental theory of the phenomenon that licenses limitless phenomenological plasticity, unconstrained by the apparatus of eidetic intuition or any horizon of apophantic disclosure; yet one which is simultaneously a transcendental theory of matter, uncontaminated by the bounds of empirical perception and free of theoru phenomenological circumscription.

Instead, the idea that the human species might be genetically remodelled in order to make it isomorphic with capital is viewed as a potentially positive outcome of technological developments, and getting involved with this process, rather than lamenting for the lost original meaning of humanity, is for Brassier a political exigency.