: The Bar Code Tattoo (): Suzanne Weyn: The Bar Code Tattoo and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Enjoying this preview? Become a member to read the full title. Join today and read free for 30 days. Need help? Start Your Free Trial. The Bar Code Tattoo. The Bar Code Tattoo Summary & Study Guide. Suzanne Weyn. This Study Guide consists of approximately 30 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character.

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They publish a zine on the dangers of the bar code, and speculate on just what information might be encoded in it. Chapters 1 – 4. Where did the time go?

So yeah, Don’t Bother. Mfumbe is a good guy, it just doesn’t seem like barxode really cared for Mfumbe like I said Jack would have been a better match, just saying!

The Bar Code Rebellion

Kayla becomes disgusted at the thought of everyone being able to see her supposed sickness. The writing style itself made this book difficult to read. Bar Code 3 books. Thanks for telling us about the problem. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The entire book is based around an idiotic girl who knows nothing of the world around her and believes that her existence relies on a man. I really admire authors for their hard work and I really think books should be honored as it is so much work that goes unappreciated, however this book is one of the worst I’ve read so far Also, this book is bia I had to read this for class however I credit this book to being the worst book I have ever read.

Everyone is getting the Bar Code Tattoo. She becomes an outcast in her high school. How could she live in a world such as this? Kayla spends the whole first book learning how to do all this amazing stuff with her mind, which she then seems to forget she can do in the second book.


She very much enjoys rethinking these classic tales from an original point of view, always looking for the real psychological underpinning of the story.

Quotes from The Barcode Tattoo.

The Barcode Tattoo by Suzanne Weyn (1 star ratings)

The whole clone thing was blurry but I enjoyed the rest. Books by Suzanne Weyn. The characters were so fake, you couldn’t relate to them at at where as in other similar style novels such as Divergent or the Hunger Games I felt like I could connect to and understand the main skzanne. But since it has boring writing and a plot that skips weeks in one page, I did not enjoy the book. Will America and the rest of the world find out?

The Bar Code Rebellion (Bar Code, #2) by Suzanne Weyn

Oct 02, Miracle Ferguson rated it did not like it. As the story opens, Kayla is in a meeting with her guidance counselor who has just informed her that she will not be receiving a scholarship to an art school as she’d hoped.

Of course, the huge conglomerate that owns everything in America including the government has included genetic information on the tattoo. Curiosity and the desire to write my first review is what kept me reading it, otherwise it was not a page turner by any stretch. Suzanne lived pretty close to the ocean and going to Jones Beach was one of her favorite activities Even today, if she goes too long without seeing t Suzanne Weyn grew up in Williston Park, Long Island, New York.

Normally a book like this would be a one day read-it took three days. If you have an idea, do not stop until you are fully satisfied with your story. We’ve all read books about what the future will be like, and chances are, none of them are exactly right.

The bar code thing was interesting, but the plot twists and how the idea was developed was close to terrible.

Bar Code Series

She was not a bird; she did not fly away. The author seems to just put one event after the other with no logical thinking. Kayla is upset with the news but the disappointment is overshadowed by the fact that her family situation has become unstable ever since her parents accepted the bar code tattoos. What if you don’t want to become a code? tattooo


The premise is awesome, but Weyn butchered the crap out of the story. More terrible, it seems, than what Kayla and other bar code resistors already know: Psychiatrists have noted, “The patient can become so desperate to have the bar code removed that he or she resorts to an attempt to burn the bar code from his or her skin” Weyn Insurance companies could know everything about their customers, well with this they know which customers choose.

While the plot is ridiculous and much of its worldbuilding is laughable, it is not t This was one of the first books I read when I got a hold on the English language, and it turned me away from near-future science fiction for years because of how terrible it is.

Her father took his own life because of it, and her mother too. It was a good easy read that fit together well, if a bit shakily, up until Kayla escapes from the hospital.

Kayla, weeks away from being 17 and being required to get her own tattoo, is left wondering why her dad killed himself over a bar code. This happens through her traveling to escape getting the bar code. Jul 01, Marcia rated it liked it Shelves: After couple days, her father became crazy, and then killed himself because he discovered something really bad about the tattoo.

This is her second book about the bar codes an cant wait to get the next one. The song her mother sang was no longer true for her.